Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Minibook Icons pt. 1!

Hey Jammers! There's a new art contest on the Daily Explorer that you might be interested in:

Click here to learn more!

I'm really loving that graphic with the dark wood! It looks really nice– I hope they do more things with it instead of all those shiny ones. 

I dunno, I just really like pretty graphics and Animal Jam seems to have a big surplus! All I know is that if they used a different one for that Daily Explorer post, I probably wouldn't be getting out my colored pencils right now and preparing to spend a day drawing in the dark. *cough*USE MORE PRETTY STUFF AJHQ IT'S WORKING*cough*

Speaking of graphics, I've been noticing that those activity badges in the AJ mini books make some pretty nice AJ blog icons. So nice in fact, that I have decided that from this point on I will work hard to turn all of the icons from all of the mini books into free graphics that I'll post here for you!

So here we have Minibook Icons part 1: the Llama Minibook! These will include lined and line-less for all of your AJ graphic needs:



If you're confused about how to use them for your Animal Jam blog, here are some suggestions:

1. The Pencil & Paper 
   – an icon to put on all of your posts
   – an icon for a button that goes to any creative writing
   – an icon to put on journal-related posts

2. The Polar Bear
   – conservation or wildlife related posts

3. The Sneakers
   – animal jam "outfit ideas"

4. The House
   – a home button
   – aj den ideas

5. The Carrot & Leaf
   – a post about the Return of the Phantoms adventure
   – decoration for your layout

Just so you know, all I did was make some screenshots transparent and these are all 100% free! I get no profit from these AT ALL! Animal Jam drew the originals and used them for the mini books in the Chamber of Knowledge.

Animal Jam graphics can be so hard to find, so I give you full liberty to use these for your AJ blog!

I'm planning on making a series of transparent mini book icons from each book in the Chamber of Knowledge. All of the icons above were from the llama book and tomorrow I will make more with another book! How does that sound? :D

That's all for now, DoomyPanda signing off!


  1. Man, that sounds awesome :0 Even if I don't use them, I love seeing some transparency going on with AJ graphics.

  2. Nice. But I don't see what I would use with these ones..


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