Saturday, September 26, 2015

MORE Early Items?

Hey Jammers! There are quite a few new Night of the Phantoms items in stores that I haven't noticed until today, so it's possible they could have been released upon mistake like during the update:

All are sold in their respectable Township shops. I'm not sure if they'll all be taken back tomorrow so if you like, grab your favorites fast! :D

There are also some new articles on the Daily Explorer. One is about what exactly happens when a user is reported, and two are just for fun.

Go to the Daily Explorer to learn more. c:

Here are a few more icons from the panda mini book:

Use them for anything AJ related that you deem fit. ^_^

I love how Animal Jam "holidays" are called by a different name like "night of the phantoms" so people who don't celebrate that holiday in real life don't feel as left out. Do you celebrate Halloween?

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa! :D

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  1. Ok! -runs to Jamaa Township and buys tons- WHEW! XD Got it all! Thanks for more icons! And yes it is cool. I don't celebrate Halloween... I wish it was just a costume holiday but it has some stuff I don't like... Anyhoo, byes! -lostfairy


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