Thursday, September 24, 2015

Player Card Glitch + Free Icons pt.2

Hey Jammers! This post will be a little short because I have a ton of stuff to do today, sorry. I still hope it's interesting for you nonetheless– today we got glitch pictures and even more free icons as promised! :D

The new item of today is sold in Jam Mart Furniture and is oddly out of season:

These seem a little tropical and sunny for Autumn in Jamaa, but I'm certainly not complaining! I love anything made of bamboo. Now if only I was a member again so I could stock up on colored versions...

If you're wondering why I don't even have enough gems to buy the tiki chair, it's because I took the screenshot above on my storage account! And while logged on, I noticed something peculiar...

That's my wolf's outfit, not my panda's!

I looked at my other animals and sure enough, they all had those accessories and pattern:

Okay, so what happened?

I was logged onto my storage account. In my buddy list, I clicked my main account, DoomyPanda. I looked through my list of animals. Before closing my player card, the last animal I looked at was my wolf. That's why the next time I clicked my name it had my wolf's outfit!

So if you'd like to see what your rhino would look like with your crocodile's outfit, by all means follow the steps above! Let the glitching begin!

• • • •

As promised, I have another set of transparent mini book icons for you to use for your AJ blog! The following ones are from the snow leopard and lynx mini books hidden in the Chamber of Knowledge:

Use them for whatever AJ related stuff you deem fit! Btw, these are just transparent screenshots from Animal Jam. I didn't actually draw these so therefore I don't really own them!

That's all for now, have a FANTASTIC day! ;D

DoomyPanda, signing off...


  1. I so agree that it is a bit summery but I also love them... :) That is a very strange glitch! Maybe I'll try it sometime... Nice icons! :o :D Thanks! You too! :D Have a super, amazing, awesome, cool, wonderful, unbelievable day! :D -lostfairy P.S. I wanna see ya again! :( XD Ugh, I wanna be on when your on!!!! XD

  2. I've got about 23 of the tiki tables my den is always unlocked come see me sometime my username is Pandaizzy999


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