Friday, September 4, 2015

The Eight Paged Update

Hey Jammers! While I may be a little late, this is my post about the update as I promised. From this point on I will update daily unless I'm put in a place with no internet connection, as I probably will this weekend when I go to my grandparents again. I think there's a bigger chance than usual that I'll get a little WiFi, but still I just think I should warn ya if I don't.

Ok, now let's move onto the incredibly long Jamaa Journal which is incredibly long!

I needed 3 more diamonds yesterday when lynxes came out, but guess what I won this morning in the Daily Spin? 3 diamonds!

This is the dance action: (sorry I can't make GIFs!)

Hop action:

Play action:

And my favorite, the sleep action:

Here's some sitting, too:

To be honest, I'm kind of disappointed that once AJHQ made a diamond animal that I'm actually interested in getting, they threw all realism out the window. I've heard that AJ lynxes look like a combination of AJ seals, tigers, bunnies, and all fixed together with a snow leopard head.

Normally AJ is one of the more realistic kids games, but look at this:

Literally no similarities! I would have loved the AJ lynx to have as much effort put into it as all the other beloved animals, but I still got one anyways lol

Ah well. I don't wanna turn this post into a big complaint, so here's the rest of the Jamaa Journal!

Happy birthday to Jamaa! I went and spent a ton of time at the party with my friends. It was incredibly fun! Here are some pictures from the party and all the new stuff it brought: (hint: theres an accessory shop now)

There's a whole ton of new alpha statues since last year! It goes to show you just how many new animals came out in 2014-2015:

Aside from Liza, my favorite statue is Andy the llama alpha. Although, I wish the polar bear and Olive the cheetah were nonmember because I'm losing membership in exactly 2 weeks!

There's also a brand new accessory shop, just next to the brand new music shop that I forgot to get a picture of!

Sadly, none of the lovely Alpha charm necklaces are nonmember and Liza looks like a purple elf for some reason, but yay! Accessories! :D

Items aren't the only part of this new sugary party, so here are some screenshots of me and my friends having fun on top of the cake:

We also did something for Jammer Snaps that came up while we were at the party:

Tell me if I get in! :D

In other news, the Glitchy Gear Set won! I was certain the movie theater was going to, but I guess people like futuristic stuff more. 

Here's all the items so far:

Nice! I love the plant.

Here's an ad:

Here's a NOT-ad:

I noticed all the new pet names a while ago when I named my pet panda "Pawpaw" (the name of a North American fruit) and saw a bee in the Play-as-your-pet-party named "Stopdude"

In honor of Jamaa's new lynxes AKA seal/leopard hybrids, a very cool exhibit has come to the much-ignored Conservation Museum!

Do this pretty museum a favor and maybe hang out in it sometime. I don't know why so many people ignore it– peaceful music! Colorful tiles! Real animal videos! That really cool turtle banner that's been there since the beginning of time! It's just cool all around. Maybe it's not cool and I'm just being a dork. Hmm...

Wouldn't it be cool if Jammers who already were kangaroos could go on some exclusive traveling adventure, too? That would make all the more people get kangaroos! AJHQ, ARE YOU LISTENING!?

We're almost to the last page, Jammers! Just one more lap to go!

As cool breezes start to dilute the Summer heat, Autumn is surely coming soon and the Summer Carnival is having a big clearance sale. Go play some games while you can!

As much time as I spent on AJ this summer, I've only been to the Summer Carnival maybe ten times maximum. I don't particularly like the prizes, but Candy Catch is THE BEST GAME! :D

Finally, we wrap up this incredibly long Jamaa Journal with an advertisement for the new Wild Explorers magazines. I'm interested in these and at some point I'd like to get one issue just to see what it's like! 

The llama issue seems to have some cool stuff, judging by the cover. 'What animal are you?' quizzes, animal word searches, and even some Jammer Art! I would love to have something I draw be immortalized in a magazine. What if a new magazine-featured art plaque started being awarded? Wow...

Unrelated, but I think you'll want to know that the Back-to-school Party finished stocking up its shop items!

As I thought, the globe is nonmember! If you click it, it spins around. :D

• • •

Happy birthday, Animal Jam! 

I've played Animal Jam for a little more than three years now, and I've loved it more and more this year. For me it's not just escape from my life, I like how all the educational stuff connects it with real life a little bit more. I dunno...

Because it's Animal Jam's 5th birthday, here's a quick question for you: in AJ's 5th year, 2015, which land did you spend the most time in? What game/s have you played the most? 

I'm probably going to make the question into a poll later on, but for now it would be cool if you answered in the comments! :)

Also, because September is the month I promised to begin updating Berry the Koala again, just that will happen!

...After I finish my summer homework. :P

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda


  1. I think the lynxes look pretty alike to a real Lynx some features not but like the ears, back legs are shorter than then front and the tail is a bit small. Those are the things a like they are still pretty cute I have to admit and I wish they came with there own pattern like all the other cats came with! Next cat they add must be an ocelot cause I just love Ocelots:D

  2. Wow, I've been on AJ just a teeny bit longer than you, I think... What a coinkidink! Anywho, I'd have to say I spend the most time in either Sarepia or Mt. Shiveer. I just love those hot cocoas :P And the most played game... Heh, probably best dressed. Lookin forward to more posts! ^-^

  3. I havent played for a week so im a bit confused because today is friday, I found a rare wrist watch in the clothing shop, i need halp im confused

  4. Nice big long post! :) I agree, the lynxes do not look real life like... And happy belated b-day, AJ!!! I had no clue it was their b-day till I saw the daily explorer. I wish the necklaces were non-member but whatever! ;) At least we get 6 statues! Nice pictures from the party! I especially liked the fruits and veggie one! :D You were so creative! Aww... I like the Glitchy Gear but I was hoping for... Man I don't remember the name!! XD It was not the Glitchy Gear or the theatre but the OTHER one, lol! I will try to stop by the Conservation Museum next time I play! That is a great idea! And aww bye kangaroos! We'll miss ya! :'( XD And aww AGAIN! Bye summer carnival! I'll miss ya more!!! :',( XD Man, the Art Class Easel is member! :I I wanted that!! Anyway, sorry for the long comment! ;)


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