Thursday, September 17, 2015

World Rhino Day

Hey Jammers! Even though I'm feeling pretty sick right now, I'm here with an update post as promised. Lots of interesting stuff this time around! :)

Without any more introduction, let's get right into the Jamaa Journal:

Pet elephants are here in Jamaa! I remember seeing earlier in a leak or maybe they were shown in a Jamaa Journal new pet poll. Either way, they seem strangely familiar...

Here's an elephant graphic:

Speaking of familiarity, I'm pretty sure that Wind Armor is a rerelease! 

There's also a new lynx mini book! It's a little shorter than many of the others, but as always has some stunning pictures and interesting facts:

Read this by going into the Chamber of Knowledge and clicking the book under the panda tapestry.

And now, the reason why people are going crazy about this update: now you can trade up to 20 items! This sounds like it would be helpful for trading with storage accounts.

But then again, people are going to start demanding 20 things for just one of their spiked collars or wristbands or whatever it is that people are obsessing over right now. Hmm...

This September 22nd is World Rhino Day. This day of remembrance and call to action is because of the dwindling number of rhinos. To put this in perspective, across the entire world there is only ONE male white rhino left and he has to be guarded by military 24/7 because of poaching, because of something we were too ignorant to prevent but had every means to. It's grim, but it's the truth and the truth will help us move forward. 

If we just ignored the truth about how in danger rhinos are right now and covered it up with something happy, then rhinos would have become extinct by now. Luckily, not everyone has done that and many endangered species have rebounded back into the millions thanks to the work of many environmental action groups and scientists!

We have to do the same for rhinos, they don't have much time left for us to wait around. There are many people trying to work toward helping rhinos out of endangerment. Here is the official World Rhino Day website:

Let's be friends of all living beings; let's try our best to undo the damage we've done so we can finally all live in peace with each other and the planet one day!

In other news, Fall has finally fallen onto Jamaa:

I'm getting so pumped for Fall IRL in the Northern Hemisphere, and it looks like Jamaa's shops are, too!

The October birth flower has come early and Night of the Phantoms items are all over the place! I just can't wait for the leaves to change color. :D

Lastly, we have some very helpful trading tips from AJHQ themselves! Hopefully this will significantly bring down a lot of scamming and unfair trades.

Before I go, there have been some helpful changes to the bubble chat for Jam a Grams:

There are a lot more conversational phrases now so it will be easier to communicate! And what fabulous timing because any minute now I'm about to lose my membership along with my Jam a Gram typing abilities. 

Thanks for not reacting negatively to my lateness and posting gaps, I've been really sick for a few days! I'll try my best to post again tomorrow. :)

See you in Jamaa! 


  1. Aww! I am sorry, Doomy! I am not feeling sick but my foot and my leg hurt tons... :( Hard to move around, lol! You are so right about the rhinos. It is so sad that they are almost extinct. And by one male white rhino, do you mean that he is only one or that there is only one male and more females... Doomy, I love how you show that you love animals... :)
    OH! YAY!!! Finally you can say hi! One of my member friends always says hello to me and I could only say like, "Jam on!" or "Fun in the sun!" or "Of course!". Lame conversation options.... XD -lostfairy
    P.S. I am sorry I left in a rush Tuesday... I could only use the library computers for an hour and I didn't notice the time. I did not want someone else going onto the library computer and me being signed in.... Anyhoo, sorry!



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