Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Bittersweet Halloween Tour

Hey Jammers! As promised, I updated Berry the Koala yesterday. You may notice that my entry there is a little lacking (no picture, minimal dialogue, etc.) and that's because I've realized that Berry has been going on with the whole "rescue Rainy" arc for literally two years. So yeah, I'm wrapping that arc up and moving onto some more lighthearted and entertaining stuff in later entries! 

To read Berry's new journal entry, click here.

Something I also did yesterday was play Bitter Sweets, start to finish! For your convenience, here are all the prizes I won in one round:

As you can see, these were Bitter Sweets prizes last year as well. These aren't all of the prizes, just some of the nonmember ones. 

All of this years nonmember prizes (with the exclusion of a few) are from last year. One of the few new ones is pictured below, the Taffy Pulling Machine:

EDIT: I've been told that the Taffy Pulling Machine is also from last year. Oops, I guess I forgot!

As for the members-only prizes, almost all of them are item-rereleases. Those rereleases are not necessarily from Bitter Sweets, a few are actually rares!

With the addition of some items from the stores last year...:

...And a few are completely 100% new!

The new ones I've seen so far seem to go along with a color scheme of purple-gray and dark lilac. Nice!

Aside from prizes, this year's Bitter Sweets quest is remarkably different from last years. Those differences include...

• Protophantoms are unlimited, so you'll never have to scour the area for candy again!

• When another player picks up candy, it won't disappear from your screen. Candy for all!

• There are no normal phantoms so you can't get hurt.

So overall, Bitter Sweets is a lot easier than last year. Within the span of five minutes I already had 300 candies– crazy!

There also seem to be a couple glitches here and there that I didn't notice last time. In the above screenshot, me and Daintyspider were able to effortlessly sneak by the kitties only area located in the top left phantom arm of the map. Neither of us are kitties, by the way!

Speaking of maps, I labelled a full one:

The "big candy stash" is exactly what it sounds like. Clusters of candy and gem bags everywhere! I easily acquired at least 2,000 gems while in there.

Some "landmarks" of the Big Candy Stash Volcano are...

• Four-players-needed thing that gives you a lot of candy

• Kitties only area

Right next to the candy stash is the Phantom Lab! It's full of creepy old experimental phantom creatures, haunted bookshelves, lasers– it's a dream come true. Some landmarks of the science lab include...

• Four-players-needed crystal orb that gets you tons of candy

• Creepy test tubes

Next up on the list is my absolute favorite: the creepy swamp!

You step into the humid environment of the swamp. Unlike the bitterly cold science lab, the humidity is like a warm, wet blanket wrapped uncomfortably around your face. Still, the instant you step paw or talon into this seemingly alive land, chills run down your spine. Or exoskeleton. Or whatever.

My favorite part about this creepy swamp is the music. Not a lot of AJ music files have any clear vocals, and when they do it's a bunch of children saying "Yay!" or something. The voices in the swamp are faint and opera-sounding; one of the things that makes this land unique.

Another thing that makes it unique is this massive lotus four-player-hop thing:

Some landmarks of this lovely swamp are...:

• Big lotus where you and three players get candy

• Ponies-only area

• Hot dog cat tails

Next up we have the fabulously old and freaky graveyard that I skipped because I like the swamp more:

Unlike the swamp, this graveyard is bone-dry. Haha, get it? GET IT!?

It's a mere skeleton of a land, in my opinion. They should have fleshed it out a little more, don't you think? Plus, the music sounds so dead. A little more trombone couldn't hurt.

Before my puns get under your skin even more, here are some landmarks of the graveyard:

• Mausoleum lined with Mira statues. I wonder what's inside?

• Mr. Phantom who lives under an actual grave with his phantom family (pictured above)

• Bats only area

Now leaving the graveyard, you spy a darkness looming ahead of you. A raincloud? No, just the thick canopy of the Haunted Forest.

Trees with faces filled with glowing hopefully-not-radioactive light decorate the area. You start to wonder if something will jump out at you from the underbrush– a zombie? A vampire? A GHOST!?

Nope, just these lil' nerds.

They're so cute that I almost feel bad that we have to destroy them to get candy. It's like some sort of sick, twisted piƱata. Ah well.

Some land marks of this area are...

• Four player candy hop

• Spiders Only Area

Last but not least, the fragrant pumpkin patch! Seems nice enough, but sadly it is not spared from the phantoms' evil.

Figure A, phantom scare crow who terrorizes birds for no reason:

ALL HE DOES IS SCREAM AT THAT BIRD! Sadly, with the new update you can hear him as well. I really wanna steal his hat...

Some landmarks of this land of wonderful screaming things include...

• Bees only area
• Big pumpkin you hop for candy on

You want to stay and play in the leaves a little more, but your computer time is up and you're finishing up this post the second everyone is walking out the door. "Wait for me, mom! My leg is still broken, I can't move it a lot!" You call, but no ones listening. Then you realized you accidentally typed up this entire post on Berry the Koala instead of your main blog, Animal Jam Stream.

Before you copy and paste in into the right place, you type one final sentence. See you in Jamaa! You type, your fingers getting wearier by the second. 

See you in Jamaa! 


  1. The taffy pulling machine was a prize last year too

  2. When I played the adventure on Thursday I actually lost half a heart from a phantom surprisingly. It might of been a glitch though or s new feature

  3. That was probably one of the most interesting Stream posts I have ever read...
    (nice job)!

  4. YAY FOR BAD PUNS!!! (oh and nice post :D)


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