Thursday, October 15, 2015


Hey Jammers! Whoo, I completely forgot about today being the update! Because it's such a crazy eventful update, I might as well get right to the news, huh?

There's a cool new feature in the settings tab that lets your username display instead of your animal name:

I'll be keeping my animal name the way it is just because I like it so much! Monster Magicmoon has a nice ring to it, right?

I wonder if this feature will display your username in group games...

• • • •

*cough*...Aaaaaaand now, the Jamaa Journal!

Pet tarantulas have returned! Adopt one of these babies in the Diamond Shop. ^-^

I... I could shed a tear at this news... 

A tear of JOY! 

Why? Because now that the rarity of Spiked Whatevers is gonna go down exponentially, there will be no more "GIVE ME SPIKE" or "OMG I HAVE LIKE 56 SPIKE WORSHIP ME PEASANTS"

Yippee! Yay! Hooray! 

Another rare item will probably replace spiked stuff but for now, let's CELEBRATE! :D

I had thought that the new Spooky Party had added in additions of the Haunted Forest Party to replace it, but I guess not! In that case, head on over to the purple, green, and possibly radioactive forest!

The shop's current inventory is below:

Psst, lostfairy! The headstones are right here!

I want to like the cat ear/whisker costume because it's both nonmember and original, but something seems kinda off about dressing your tiger up with it. 

This is perfect for clan role-players so they can be a wolf and a cat at the same time.

Ooh, a new animal! Hmm... it says the new animal is given out as a hint around Jamaa! Let's try Mt. Shiveer–

Yep, it's there alright. And it replaced the Harper picture on their cave– how rude! But what creature does this carving picture?

I'll give you another hint:

Look familiar to you? It's an arctic fox! Native to the Arctic tundra, this fox has a thick fur that changes colors to blend into each season. 

The carving above Harper's cave looks like a combination of the AJ red fox and lynx cat, which hopefully will not be the case come this canine's official release. 

As much as I am psyched to look forward to a new animal, I kind of hope that reptiles get to be in the spotlight at some point soon. We have, what, two reptiles? 

Nevertheless, I'm really excited and hope that the new arctic wolves are as beautiful as they are in real life! ^_^

Aaaaaaand, a new animal-specific gift card! If you'd like to spend real money instead of waiting to collect ten diamonds, go wild!

• • • •

I'm really happy with this update! What do you think about it? :D

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!


  1. GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY I forgot about the Spooky Forest entirely! +__+ I must go and beg for some of those items
    I don't think a whole lot of people are satisfied with the coming of the arctic fox. People say "Don't waste your diamonds and just colour your fox white", but idk... It wouldn't be the same.
    Also, I really love the nametag update thingy! Maybe people could recognize others more clearly now in a busy township. I like having my username displayed.
    ALSO, ANOTHER PART TO THE UPDATE- The Training Grounds portal in the Adventure base camp is gone! Now, when people don't have a starting level, they automatically get transported to the Training Grounds before they land in the base square, only to play it once and never again! Shame... I got a lot of gems from playing the tutorial...
    (sorry for the long comment, i'ma leave now) -jhana

  2. That username thing is kinda cool but ya, I'll keep my pet name up. (Yes! Monster Magicmoon DOES have a nice ring to it!) Oh yay! Tarantulas... I don't like real life ones but AJ ones I can handle. :) OH MY! I so didn't think about how lovely this will be! :D But... In a Trading Party, someone said "TRADE ME SPIKE!" So hopefully things will change. LOL! Yay! Headstones! XD (Man, saying yay about headstones sounds weird...) Thanks Doomy! Oh, I saw someone with cat ears and I was like, "Are those old? Cuz they look so cool and I hope I can buy them..." That gif of the arctic fox looks so cute! Wait, how often do they change cards? Is this one lasting till Christmas cuz it looks wintery... ;) -lostfairy C(o.o)D (tried out your bear emoticon... So cute!)



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