Saturday, October 10, 2015

Candy Guide 2015!

Hey Jammers! Today I've compiled the locations of all of the Night of the Phantoms candy bowls throughout Jamaa. I know they're easy to find on their own, but... it's fun to talk about them all, right?

But before we get to that, I want to show you my entry for a Jammer Art contest that ended a while ago on October 3rd with the winners still going unannounced. It was the "animals in costumes" prompt and I'm really proud of what I made:

I made it with colored pencils and as you can see, it's a panda in a witch costume. Shout out to my dad for helping me scan it in! :D

You'll notice it has a kind of lined appearance and that's because I drew it on notebook paper. I got help photoshopping the lines out of the white areas from my dad. Another shout out to him and his technology knowledge! (>^-^)>

So... what do ya think about my drawing? :)

• • • •

And now the moment that you've hopefully been waiting for... the candy guide!

Above is a quick map I made of all the candy's locations. There is a candy bowl located by each number written above for a general idea of where to look, but I will also include screenshots of all the candy bowls along with what kinds of candy you can get at each one. Ready... set... go!

You can start off wherever you like, but I like to begin candy collecting in Jamaa Township. At the candy bowl right outside the door to Club Geoz you can get sweet red lollipops almost as big as your head! Amazing.

Just across the bridge in Appondale there is a candy bowl supplying some chewy Starburst-looking candies...

...And the candy bowl in Kimball Outback gives out pumpkin-y hard candies!

The bowl in Sarepia Forest is filled with orangey peppermints, as well as equally orangey fallen leaves. Eat them... if you dare.

Don't fall into the phantom vortex, but it's ok if you do because you can bring some popcorn inside. 

Over in Coral Canyons you can add a weird looking spooky candy cane to your (fake) candy bag.

And in Crystal Sands, you can get some candy corn!

Finally, your last stop: the Temple of Zios! The best candy for last right?

Wait... it's an apple?

Pretend it's candy... Use your IMAGINATION!

That's all for now, Jammers, happy Night of the Phantoms!

– DoomyPanda


  1. really cute drawing :)

  2. i luv ur drawing ^-^also, NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU WHY ADD HEALTHY FOODS TO HALLOWEEN, AJHQ??????????????????????


  3. Love your drawing! :) You are such a good drawer! LOL! Love your candy guide! And yes! It is very fun to talk about candy... I love candy! Not like some people but ya, I like candy! :D -lostfairy

  4. IMAGINATION!!!!!!!!*rainbows fly from hands*

  5. Wow! That is an awesome drawing! You are a really good artist ^-^ Or you can imagine it's a candy apple! :D

  6. Replies
    1. You are so welcome! :D -lostfairy

  7. Aaah I don't know why I haven't complimented your drawing yet! I love it a lot ^-^ The colouring is really nice! Also, cool candy guide, I didn't even realize each bowl had a different "candy" :V


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