Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Night of the Phantoms Idea

Hey Jammers! Thanks for being okay with my taking a break for a few days. I caught up on school stuff, all the while daydreaming about posting for you! I love the positive little community that  revolves around Animal Jam Stream. 

I don't know about you, but often on AJ I see a ton of negativity that I could really do without, but what's wonderful is that from all your nice comments I know that at its core, Animal Jam is filled to the brim with positivity! You know that's the truth, whether you like it or not! (>^-^)> 

Moving on, here are the items I missed while I was catching up on homework:

I'd say that my favorites out of all these items are the Bat Balloon, the Spooky Pops, and the Tarantula Throne. The throne reminds me of how the computer lab at my school is full of jumping spiders– pretty cute little arachnids, actually! They dance very well. No joke, look it up. 

In other news, the winners of the Jammer Art Contest "Animals in Costumes" prompt have been announced!

Congratulations to Sleeping Shymoon (great name BTW!), Queen Braveeagle, Awesome Cutegem, Medieval Fastwolf, and Twinkle Berryflower! All your art is so beautiful! <3

I'm not upset at all that I didn't get in– believe me! I'm just a little worried that AJHQ doesn't accept scanned in pencil-and-paper stuff anymore. Everything in the art gallery looks to have been made in the Art Studio or some other digital art program, but then again that's my only evidence. I hope it's not true!

Also take a minute to appreciate my new tiger, Monster Magicmoon. Coloring Monster is such a big struggle because I want it to look like a real tiger but at the same time I wanna be ~original~ lol

• • • •

Speaking of monsters, it's the Night of the Phantoms if you haven't noticed already! Every day in October is the Night of the Phantoms. 

For a while I've had a cute idea floating around in my head for something that I could do on Animal Jam Stream for this spooky AJ celebration. What if... I had a few of my (willing!) buddies unlock and decorate their dens and listed their usernames in a post? Then you could go there and "trick-or-treat"?

I would have one big online "party" myself, but I'm nonmember so the most I could do would be to stuff my den with Spooky Pops and tell everyone to imagine better music. Then again, a simpler idea would to pick a pre-existing location like Club Geoz and have a "party" there, but I dunno... doesn't my first idea seem more fun? :D

Comment what ya think, and thanks for being such great viewers and friends! ^0^


  1. Ooh boy I just made a new account the other day, called "spookyshoppe", and it's sort of a Halloween party at their den! I haven't gotten the den settled, on account of me waiting for more nm items to come out, but I've made progress :V Nonmember items only, though, so it isn't the best :T
    (also yeah a chain of spooky dens sounds pretty awesome)

  2. Those ideas are WONDERFUL! I love the list of trick or treating dens idea! And I wish your drawing would have made it! It was so pretty! Anyhoo, byes Doomy and everybody! -lostfairy

  3. you might still get your art in jammer central because they featured a screenshot by me TWO MONTHS after i sent it in O.O (and the trick-or-treat idea is awesome!!)

  4. Ah.. even now and old AJ blog makes me filled with a lot of inner joy. I can't believe this was the first post I ever read by you back in 2015! It's been a while since I have actually re-read your blogposts, and I remember reading them when I was a noob at AJ and was trying to learn from your posts. I think I even joined the exact day this was posted because I found your blog! This site still fills me with joy <3

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much!!! Comments like these fill me with joy– I'm so happy I got to make a positive impact!!! :')

      <3 <3 <3


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