Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Spooky Drawings, Dens, and Outfits

Hey Jammers! Sorry if this post is a little late *cough*twowholedays*cough* but that's because I wanted to draw something in the Art Studio. Wanna see it? Good, you have no choice! 

A little warning: it's kind of creepy looking.

I could have spent more time with the shading/lighting/glow and stuff but drawing with a mouse is a real struggle. I wonder if I had a drawing tablet I could use it with the AJ art studio... but probably not because I have NO idea how that kind of technology works and I'm too broke to even consider a tablet in my lifetime lol

The reason why I made this phantom, er, the way it is, is because I wish phantoms were scarier! They just look like harmless squishy flying octopi instead of the main source of pollution and eeeeeevil in Jamaa. My drawing is basically how I wish AJ phantoms looked, complete with annoying laughter and pretty fire. Yep.

I also made a cute-isn picture for World Animal Day a week or so ago:

I doubt these will get into the gallery, but I just wanted to show them to you because I kinda like 'em. :\

Speaking of things I kinda like– or in this case, REALLY like –my friend redesigned her den and it's BEAUTIFUL! :O

Peoples234 has a talent for making the most jaw-dropping-ly gorgeous dens. She uses minimal items– even non-rare ones –in such creative ways!

In actual news, here are the new items/stuff I missed:

You know, I was pretty certain that the Spooky Rug used to be nonmember. I wonder if AJHQ is acting like there are just ONE TOO MANY nonmember items because, boy, it sure looks like it! I can imagine them running around with alarms blaring like "Oh no... the level of nonmember items is one TOO HIGH! Quick, Bob– turn one staple item members only because WE CAN!!!"

Unlikely, but I feel like there was a period around this summer to 2014 that everyone was certain was like the golden age for nonmember items. Now AJHQ decided that "Whoa, too many nonmember items!" and went back to releasing a new nonmember item once every millennium on a blue moon in the light of the solstice through the gap in stonehenge as the planets align into a giant dollar sign shape because money seems to be what AJHQ's number one goal is despite already having a crazy-successful game

*ahem* Next, we have a really pretty and simple nonmember clothing idea spotted in Jamaa!

I'm not gonna say that you can use it for free because I didn't ask permission to post this, but I guess you can use it for inspirational purposes. It's pretty, right? Miss Snowypuppy, if you're reading this your bunny has a great outfit! (>^-^)>

Before I go, here are a few screenshots of new things that you may find interesting.

It seems that action bubbles appear when you're using a Jammer Wall. It's a little weird, though, considering this wolf is nonmember:

The member/nonmember animal glitch is nothing new, but I've never seen a nonmember llama before... until now!:

It seems that because the Jam a Gram bubble chat was updated, all old messages with phrases no longer on the bubble chat were replaced with existing ones:

This Jam a Gram originally said "come party with me!"

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

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  1. Woah... That phantom is creepy... :o You did such a good job! I love the fire. Aww! That Animal Day picture is soo cute! <3 I like it! The earth you did is so good. When I draw the earth, it is usually a blue ball with green land... XD But yours is so much better! :D THAT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! Peoples234, congrats! :) Oh! That Jammer Wall thing has appeared when I was using a friends wall. :) So its not that weird... But its nice cuz then people can see when your busy or whatever. Have an awesome day, Doomy! :D (and everyone that is reading this lonnnnnng comment!) -lostfairy


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