Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Horror + Nonmember Den Ideas!

(Warning: I'm crazy tired right now so this post probably won't make much sense lol)

Hey Jammers! I know I was supposed to update Berry the Koala yesterday, and I'll get to that soon today– no worries! I was just really tired when I came home from school. :P

Moving onto the news: disaster has struck Jam Mart Clothing. Being sold is an item so horrifying that the instant you gaze upon its evil you will faint within seconds. WARNING: VIEW THE BELOW IMAGE AT YOUR OWN RISK. FAINTING OF TERROR WILL ENSUE, NO LIE!!!



It may not seem scary at first, but one haunting question remains... how did a cat with such tiny paws push their head through the bread slice? Don't be fooled by this cat's calm demeanor. Beneath that mask of sweetness lies a feline with strong telekinetic powers... You have been warned... Hide your bread, it is in danger...

Mini unrelated ramble: There's this nail salon near my school that has a dangerously cute sheep and Pusheen plushie (the cat above) in the window. Every time I pass by them I seriously feel the need to round up my squad and break in there to steal them. But many questions remain. What if the sheep owns the store? Everything is so complicated... And I am so tired... 

Seriously though, today's new item is the Bread Hat:

Eww... white bread? Just another reason to be afraid! No offense to anyone who actually likes white bread BTW... Run along now with your sandwiches...

Speaking of items, Spiked Collars and Wristbands are now officially being sold in the Diamond Shop for the weekend!

Having finally crawled out of the deep dark pit of rarity, these two accessories will hopefully no longer be the subject of so much pretentiousness. Yay!

I don't mean to sound rude, but when pixels are used to make yourself seem important it kinda gets old really fast. Wearing items because they look cool is great, but using them to give yourself some made-up rank as a "rare jammer" is really materialistic. And when you think about how those items aren't even made of material it just gets even weirder! Think about it...

Over on the Daily Explorer there are a few posts that you might find interesting. To read them all in full, go to the official blog linked on AJ's home page!

I love all of the educational stuff AJHQ incorporates into their blog and game! It really connects the fantasy elements of Animal Jam with real life. c(^.^)D 

Finally an excuse to use the bear emoticon that I made myself. If you want to use it anywhere else, you're gonna have to add in a (copyright DoomyPanda) right next to it. JKJKJK

Next up, I have a couple nonmember Night of the Phantoms-themed den ideas! Den ideas... Whoa, I haven't done any of those in a while! Feel free to use any!

First up is something I experimented with while decorating my den: a phantom window!

What you need:

1. Full Moon Window – Wolves Only Party Shop – 300 Gems
2. Phantom Archway – Phantom Vortex Game – LIMITED TIME!

What I did was basically stack the window on top of the archway to make a kind of window frame. This would look really cool as part of a phantom dungeon with a phantom archway on each wall. You could also put some stuff like tables around the bottom to cover it up.

Next nonmember den idea is a "sleeping bag":

I thought that these colors looked really nice together! They could be used for a sleepover-theme or outdoors-theme. Now, here's what you need:

1. Patched Rug (dark blue) – Outback Imports – 350 Gems
2. Star Pillow (blue) – Jam Mart Furniture – 300 Gems
3. Spilled Popcorn – Theater Shop – 200 Gems

I thought of these den ideas while I was making my den pretty for Night of the Phantoms, so I might as well show you the finished product! :D

Spooky enough for ya? I need to get more of those Shoji Screens so I can make them cover all the walls!

• • • •

Wow, this post was a lot longer than I expected! I guess that's what happens when you fill the first half with tired rambling lol

I guess that's all for now, so see you in Jamaa!

And don't forget to keep your bread safe from cats...


  1. Pusheen cat YAY! Pusheen cat probably fell on the bread XD

  2. Hey I'm here to comment on another post about a nugget of wisdom I happened across :V I thought it would be kinda important, considering it's an unmentioned AJ update! The Training Grounds portal is gone in the Base Camp, but it's still accessible. Here's a link to a more full post I made (but please put it in your own words if you share... I messed up a lot "o_o

  3. I LOVE THE NEW BREAD HAT!!!111!1!!11!!1!!!1111!!!1!1!!1!!1!! U MUST BE CRAZY NOT TO!!1!!1!!1!!1!1!11!!1!!1!

  4. Ooh! I love those ideas! (; Sorry that I don't comment much! I am my life is so busy right now. :( When I get time on the computer, I mostly play Animal Jam, and Chicken Smoothie. Sorry! I will try to comment more. I just wanted to let you know that I am NOT dead. ;) ;P

    Loves to all!

    1. It's alright, Vet! You don't have to comment if you don't want to lol but thank you for checking up!

      BTW, what's your Chicken Smoothie name? I also play CS a lot too :D

  5. AWWWW!!!! THE BREAD HAT!!! Oh the horror... :O LOL! I don't find it that bad but I do find it weird... And its ok Doomy. (I like white bread... sniffle... :'( XD )
    I kinda wish the spikes could have been for nm but who cares!
    :O I love your nm ideas!!! I just can't get the different color stuff...
    Anyhoo, ta ta for now! ~lostfairy

  6. lol u can change the color to green and make a MOLDY bread hat XD


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