Monday, October 26, 2015

Worldwide Howl at the Moon Night!

Hey Jammers! Two posts in a row– Woohoo, I'm coming along! Just you wait– soon I'll be churning out posts daily again. ^_^

Today is Monday, October 26. And do you know what that means?


Wait, you thought I meant Rare Item Monday? Well that too, but wouldn't you rather learn that tonight is the night where it's socially acceptable to scream into the starry abyss of outer space for once? If only every night was Worldwide Howl at the Moon Night...

Besides, the rare item is a mask so it would interfere with your howling! 

Although I must admit, this mask certainly looks like it's screeching through its teeth. If that's the way you roll, go ahead! :D

• • • •

I've just realized that I haven't done Buddy of the Month in forever– and by forever I mean a month. Luckily, October's not over yet so I still have some time to catch up. 

Catch ya later when I'll hopefully be done with that, Jammers! :D

See you in Jamaa~


  1. Yay! Two posts in a row! Happy dance, happy dance! -dances goofily around- Ahem anyhoo, the pumpkin mask looks kinda cool/creepy... It must be hard to screech through your teeth... -thinks about trying but stops to think how weird it would be if everyone in the library heard you trying to screech through my teeth- -lostfairy


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