Monday, November 9, 2015

Jam-a-Gram Glitches

Hey Jammers! The Rare Item Monday is sold on the 3rd page of Jam Mart Clothing:

Finally we get a nonmember item! Yeah, its color scheme is kinda wonky, but what did you expect for a Rare Item Monday? 

Still, this hat has its uses! For example, you could always use it to cosplay an extraterrestrial who doesn't yet grasp human fashion. A great concept, if you ask me. XD

Speaking of extraterrestrials, a new interplanetary item has been released in the Astronomy Shop:

With AJ shops, you can always have a pretty good guess about what the next items will be based on the display. All the items from the display have been released except for one, the shelves pictured above. I'm really hoping that they get released as nonmember items! 

In other news, there's a new (and adorable) Feast of Thanks Jam-a-Gram!

I really love the warm color scheme of this, but I do miss the older animated Jam-a-Grams. Do you remember the one with the two foxes rowing a boat through a river? That was my favorite! I wonder why AJHQ took so many Jam-a-Grams away. D:

On the topic of Jam-a-grams, apparently the Jammer Wall glitch works with Jam-a-grams as well:

Of course I can't do it because I'm nonmember, but you members should go give it a try! Send me some Jam-a-Grams! >:D

Another glitch that was told to me by chncprincess04 is how to type a moving phantom emote inside someone's Jammer Wall by using the free chat glitchSimply use the glitch to type:

Press POST and if you're a member, you should be able to see the emote!

I tried doing this as a nonmember and it didn't work on my screen, but my member friend said it did for them. Try it out yourself!

• • • •

Before I go, I have sort of an announcement to make. Because of being busy with school, I'm putting Buddy of the Month and Berry the Koala on hold for a little while. I want to focus more on making big posts on Animal Jam Stream but I need to take a little off my back for that to work out well for me AND my grades. 

I'm not completely stopping Buddy of the Month or Berry the Koala. I'm just taking a little break from them!

I hope you can understand and thanks for keeping Animal Jam Stream such a positive place! :D

See you in Jamaa! (>^-^)>


  1. You can do i think any emoticon, but you need to type it the glitch was. (typing as much as the word possible then pasting a deleting the extra bits.)

  2. Ya, RIM's almost always have crazy color schemes... XD Man, that shelf looks so cool! Hope its for nm. I would send you a Jam-A-Gram that says Hello Doomypanda... But alas, I am a nm. :P Aww, thank YOU for posting such awesome posts! ;) You are super. Can't wait to read more Berry and the BOTM posts when they come out! -lostfairy


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