Thursday, November 19, 2015

Multicolored items for all!

Hey Jammers! I'm sorry if this post is a bit late. I came down with a rather unexpected headache when I got home from school. :T

Still, I'm so happy that I've received so many supportive and kind comments despite not being able to post! It really makes me happy that my blog has such a positive community surrounding it, and even happier that I can finally call it a community after four years of blogging. That's right– four whole years!

Well, it won't be officially four years until June 17th, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Onto the Jamaa Journal! :D

Arctic foxes have come in from the cave in Mt. Shiveer to the Diamond Shop! 

Being that they're both foxes, arctic foxes are very similar to Animal Jam's original foxes with a hint of their own snowy style:

Pictured above are the arctic fox's sit, play, and dance actions. Sorry, I can't make GIFs! D:

Become one of these fluffy and stylish canines today~

And now, the second most exciting news of the day: Nonmembers can change item colors now!

Thank you so much, AJHQ! I'm really grateful for this new change. I'm going to buy SO. MANY. PURPLE. RUGS. *0*

Play Wild is now downloadable on iPhones and iPods! Now 3D AJ can follow you everywhere... there is no escape. ʘ‿ʘ

Aww... there's a new turkey pet in the Diamond Shop! Go get one of these babies if you'd like to be friends with turkeys rather than eat them. <3

Aah, who am I kidding. 80% of people who are gonna get them eat turkey already. Kinda weird if you ask me, but that's just my opinion... :T

I just hope there won't be a turkey-meat item this year. That would be seriously messed up. :(


Too late. >:(

The new fox mini book looks cute, though. In fact, more than cute– it's beautiful!

I think the work AJHQ puts in to make this game's gorgeous graphics is under appreciated. Come on, this mini book is one of the prettiest ever! Go take a look. c:

It even has a personality thingie and a quiz on the back!

The answers to the quiz are above for all you lazy cheaters. >:O (jk)

If you get all the answers right, you win a glowing blue fox award that looks like this:

Ooh, shiny...

Whoa whoa whoa... Hold your horses AJHQ, November isn't even close to being over yet! Well, it is... but I don't want it to be! Stop reminding me that December exists! >:O

Ah well, at least there are Jamaaliday Gifts and reindeer pets that come with December...

Personally, I'd like to enjoy Fall a little longer. ^_^

Before I go, I found one remaining headstone from Night of the Phantoms in Coral Canyons yesterday:

he's so tiny...

That's all for now, Jammers! See you in Jamaa and have a great Friday! :D

– DoomyPanda


  1. I think they put that you can get an item everyday of decemeber because by the next update its after the first of december. If you know what i mean

  2. AWWWW!! The arctic fox is sooo cute!!! And its ok! ;) I'm good with no GIFS.
    *O* NO WAY.... THANK YOU AJ!!!! -runs around crazily buying random stuff in different colors- Heh heh... ;D
    No escape... :P (That is a cute face, btw)
    That turkey is adorable... GOBBLE GOBBLE!!!
    Aw, sorry, Doomy. D: I am sorry there are turkeys but a meat that looks suspiciously like a turkey... Could be a funny chicken.... :/
    Sweet! I like the book! (I didn't cheat) :P
    LOL, I see you... :D
    Great post, Doomy!!!

    1. Oopsies! D: I meant: Aw, sorry, Doomy. D: I am sorry there are turkeys but that could be a meat that looks suspiciously like a turkey... Could be a funny chicken.... :/
      There... That sounds better... :P
      Btw, hope I can see you in AJ, Doomy, and talk to you. (I saw you a few days ago but you were at someone else's den so... :P )


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