Sunday, November 1, 2015

My Birth Flower :D

Hey Jammers! Happy November AKA my birth month! And with my birth month comes my birth flower: the lovely chrysanthemum!

These are really pretty looking. Have I ever mentioned how much I just love Animal Jam's art style? It's earthy yet gorgeously mystical at the same time. I can't name another kids game that has such talented artists. Really, I can't.

This Chrysanthemum will be available in Treetop Gardens for the duration of November, so you can take your time. (>^-^)>

Speaking of the new month, did you know that there's a superstition that if you say the phrase "Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!" first thing in the morning of the first day of the month that you'll have good luck? My friend told me that yesterday, but the first thing I said this morning was "Mom what day is it" so I guess I'll have to wait until December. XD

Over in Jam Mart Clothing, Night of the Phantoms has already ended and Feast of Thanks items are pushing all the masks and costumes aside.

I'm not a big fan of this item, but it's a welcome change from all the Night of the Phantoms stuff. I don't know about you, but until next year I don't wanna see another Jack-o-Lantern again. XD

That's all for now, Jammers. See you in Jamaa and I hope that all who celebrated it had a fantastic Halloween! :D

– DoomyPanda

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