Saturday, November 28, 2015

Search Bar + BOTM

Hey Jammers! I'm sorry if this post is a bit late, I ran into some big complications today. Instead of arriving home yesterday as planned, I literally just came back 15 minutes ago!

Last night our car stopped working on the highway halfway home, so we had to get it fixed and stay at a hotel. Blah... yesterday was just too much... 

I'm happy I'm back, though! And as promised, here's the November 2015 Buddy of the Month:


Aaaaand, it is...........

My great friend, veterinariann!

Even though we both don't always have time to get online to talk to one another, veterinariann always stays in touch with comments on AJ Stream. If any of my other buddies are reading this, you can do that, too!!! Turn my comments section into a flipping chatroom, I don't mind! I just love talking with my buddies like veterinariann.

Veterinariann has always had an aura of thoughtful mystery to them, yet they always remain fun and interesting to be around. Thanks for being such a great friend! <3

• • • •

I assumed I'd missed a little while I was away from my computer, and right I was! Some new items made an appearance, as well as an entirely new feature that the update apparently missed:

This new search bar seems pretty efficient for those who– unlike me –have too many items to scroll through. Thanks, AJHQ! <(^.^)>

You can use the search bar by typing in one or more of the words within an item's title to find it. 

In other news, quite a few items hit the shelves since I last logged on:

AJHQ is a little more excited for the Jamaalidays than usual! Correct me if I'm wrong, but at least two of those items came out the day after the official Feast of Thanks. Jeez, someone's impatient. (jkjk) XD

A great thing about the Jamaalidays is that the majority of the themed items are nonmember, and now that everyone can change their colors... YAY! :D

That's all for now, see you tomorrow with a new Berry the Koala update! 

DoomyPanda– out!


  1. Chatroom in the comments!!!!!!

    So, how's you day been?

    1. Good, thank you. How's yours? ;) I think this is for Doomy but I just wanted to say hi!
      Buddy me on AJ, username is lostfairy. ;D
      -lostfairy (who else?!)


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