Friday, November 6, 2015

Twisty Turny Strategies

Hey Jammers! As promised, here's a (hopefully helpful!) guide to the new seasonal labyrinth adventure, Twists and Turns.

I've included a guide to getting the prizes you want, not getting lost looking for keys, as well as some fun secrets! Without any more delay, here's the full guide! Happy adventuring!

• • • •

You start out at the entrance of the corn maze. (Duh, would you just teleport to the center?) A koala named Bowie fills you in on what you need to know about the maze. Basically, it's a maze! Only it's filled with *GASP* treasure! Explore around, look for keys to treasure chests, treasure chests to keys... and keep an eye out for the special labyrinth prizes! They look like this:

What makes them so special? For starters, they're big and shiny and pretty. They're also the only treasure chests that contain Twists-and-Turns items!

There are other, smaller item-bearing treasure chests, but the items you get from them are similar to the prizes in Sky High. Could be a pirate sword, could be a necklace! There's no way to tell!

FYI, the smaller treasure chests that have Sky High items look like the basic adventure treasure chests. Here's a guide:

Even the colorful chests that we're so persuaded to scour the area for keys for just yield around 250 gems a box. Funny thing is that neither the seasonal item box nor the Sky High box need keys!

Something else I noticed is that the map of Twists and Turns doesn't really change, or at least it hasn't in the few times I've went through it. If this isn't a coincidence, this means that I could tell you exactly where all the chests and keys are located– but where's the fun in that?

However, I will give you the location of one chest that holds a seasonal item:

You see where the blue dot on the mini map is? Download and open this screenshot up, shrink your browser a little so you can see both Animal Jam and the screenshot, then while playing Twists and Turns, try to follow where you see that blue dot in the screenshot is!

Speaking of that, there's a method I find very helpful for labyrinth adventures that's similar.

While playing Twists and Turns, do you find the location of a blue key, pick it up, but before you find a blue box you find a red one? Isn't it annoying that you have to drop your blue key and search an eternity for a red key, then forget where the red box even was?

Well, be annoyed no more! Here's how to fix that:

Step 1: Find any color box or any color key. For this example, I have found a blue key. Disregard that in this screenshot I have picked it up! Don't do that yet!

Step 2: Take a screenshot that includes the key/box as well as the blue dot's placement on the mini map.

Step 3: Shrink your browser or move it to the side so there can be room for the screenshot. Open up the screenshot to the side of your browser.

Step 4: Look around some more, and if you happen upon a blue box to go with a blue key, take the same type of screenshot of the box. Then, use the screenshot to guide you back to where you found the blue key. 

Finally, use the second screenshot you took of the box to guide you back to it. Easy! :D

Moving on, I'm sure you must be interested in the types of prizes you can get here. Here's all I've gotten so far:

It's mostly last year's Twists and Turns items, but the autumn leaf lamp is definitely new. I'll show you more new prizes as I get more! :)

Prizes, however, are not the main point of Twists and Turns, as items themselves are not the main points of Animal Jam. Let's not forget the great Jammers from all over the world who join you on your quest for treasure hidden in the Autumn leaves. Here are some wise words they've shared with me, wisdom that I shall never forget:

...And let's not forget the beautiful fall scenery that AJHQ has painstakingly drawn into digital form:

While at times Twists and Turns can seem like a chaotic labyrinth of no return, it's honestly more fun than frustrating:

And don't forget to stop for hot chocolate and donuts along the way:

That's all for now, Jammers, happy adventuring!

– DoomyPanda


  1. Aren't the hot chocolates, the barn and the sign things new?

  2. Sweet! I saw my sis playing it yesterday but I'm gonna do it today! :) Thanks for the guide! And also, is there any place I can go where I can see all the non-member prizes for Twists and Turns? Thanks! -lostfairy P.S.LOL! Love your pics! "Let me in! I'm a bear too!" XD


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