Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Catching Up

Hey Jammers! Whoa, I was gone for longer than I had anticipated. Was it really six whole days? All the more reason to get a second author! That is, if she accepts the offer. 

The Jamaaliday gift of today is the Winter Mailbox:

It recently snowed where I am, and I feel a combination of happiness and disappointment. Happiness because I thought it wouldn't snow all winter! And disappointment because now everything is white. The sky, the ground– everything! All white. :\

Here are the Jamaaliday gifts I missed while I was away:

December 29th:

December 28th:

December 27th:

December 26th:

December 25th:

And here are all of the shop items I missed:

Jam Mart Clothing:

Jam Mart Furniture:

Epic Wonders:

New Years Party:

Now, all of the clearance items as of today:

Jam Mart Clothing:

Jam Mart Furniture:

Bahari Bargains:

Sunken Treasures:

Epic Wonders:

Diamond Shop:

Outback Imports:

Shiveer Shoppe:

Treetop Gardens:

Update your AJ shopping lists with anything you might want!

Speaking of shopping, Animal Jam's official online store has some new arrivals:

I like the purple hoodie, but they probably won't have it in my size. XD

A ton of these new things have name customization. Hmm...

Something unrelated I noticed about the Coral Canyons den shop:

Diamond dens are being sold alongside gem dens. I dunno why I haven't spotted that before.

• • • •

I'm gonna wrap this post up soon, but I have a new idea. I've recently been running out of ideas for Berry the Koala so I've been reluctant to update it with more filler. So... maybe you guys can come up with prompts for Berry the Koala!

Here's how I'm thinking this will work: you guys can comment your ideas for Berry's next adventure on the most recent post. Then, I'll randomly choose one to write as the next segment in Berry's journal! What do you think? 

I wanna make AJ Stream more engaging to you guys, as I rarely have online parties or contests.

That's all for now, Jammers. Happy Jamaalidays! :D


  1. I really really really really really really like your new signature!

    1. Thank you so much! I think I'm gonna use some signatures some days, and others other days. I just whipped this one up quick in iPiccy because I've been feeling forest-y lately, if that makes sense. XD

  2. My poofy rug doesn't have a face on it and i've seen other rugs without faces.

    1. I don't think any rugs have faces on them. I remember some did last year, but it was a glitch.


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