Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Glitchy Gift?

Hey Jammers! More business today, so this post will be shorter. Blah, I can't wait for holiday break... /).(\

Today's Jamaaliday Gift is the... misshapen Jamaaliday Gift. But something else about this gift is odd...

For starters, mine came in different colors than what was shown!

I wonder if this is purposeful or if it's a glitched item. Does anyone else have this color scheme? 

I hope so– I don't wanna be that one person with the "rare" glitchy item that everyone knows is ugly but they trade everything for it just because everyone else is doing it. Ahem...

Sorry for the short post, guys. I'm gonna get through these last 7 days before break!!! I can do it!!!

See you in Jamaa! >:D


  1. I have the same color glitch with mine!

  2. Hmm lemme check... -goes on AJ and then to den- OH NOOO! MINE IS LIKE THAT TOO! O_O I liked the red bows! :'( :P
    And you can do it! Wait, you have to do another week of school? I am finishing up school today... :P (not bragging!) -lostfairy

    1. I get out of school for holiday break on Wednesday the 23rd, so about four more school days (not including the weekend) left until I'm FREEEEEEEE!!!

    2. YESSS! Victory! :D By the way, I read all your Berry stories and they are so good! ;) -lostfairy

    3. Oh thank you so much! I write a new one every two weeks, usually on Friday. :)

    4. Sweet! Can't wait. (you'll write one this week right?) :) Btw, random question... Do you like the new update on AJ? -lostfairy

    5. I'm gonna write one next Friday or Thursday. ^_^

      And about the update? I just made a post on it. I was really surprised and confused when I logged on, I just wasn't expecting it! It's really big and confusing, but I think I'll get used to it, because it's so cool! :D


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