Saturday, December 19, 2015

Guide to Jammer Parties + Full Update

Hey Jammers! As you already know, this week has been so busy for me that I haven't had enough time to go online for anything more than answering comments. 

So... you could imagine the shock I felt when I logged on this morning to the biggest update of 2015!

I don't know about you, but Animal Jam is adding so many new features that it's almost impossible to keep up! Right now I'm listening to soothing music in an attempt to not get too excited and stressed out. Ah, if only I had a chance to prepare!

By now, you're probably familiar enough with the new party stuff because the update was two days ago. However, due to its complexity, I will attempt to re-teach it to you! Ok, *deep breath*, here we go!

Here's a little guide I whipped up to the new-and-confusing party list:

This newly added feature allows AJ members to host their own parties. These parties are not in dens, but rather in their own rooms with their own room themes. These room themes include a bakery, a chemistry lab, a dance party, a castle, a trading barn, and even a party on a giant cake!

With the exception of the Chemistry lab, all of these rooms have appeared somewhere before in Jamaa. Whether they be dens or parties, they're all still very cool!

Here are all of the shops in each party– beta items included!:

Chemistry lab shop:

Dance party shop:

Bakery shop:

Hey look, it's the baking table that was spotted in AJHQ's Jamaaliday den!

Barn shop:

Attention: Fire pots, fire pits, rose bushes, pottery tables, fish fountains, and bongoes no longer have any trading value! Don't let anyone scam you!

Castle shop:

Giant cake shop:

Each party also has their fair share of unreleased items hidden, too. For example, what appears to be a lynx mini book in the trading barn:

Like my panda's outfit? :D

...Not to mention those cool looking pots!

Here are a couple more unreleased items spotted in Jammer parties:

I just love the castle party. :')
Now, I'm not a member so I don't know the mechanics of choosing a party room, decorating it, naming it, etc., but I've observed a few things that provide hints to me.

For example, the host of the party will have a special name tag:

Another thing is that I remember that each party had the same decoration items arranged the same way, so it seems that ability to decorate is either limited to an item list or nonexistent. 

Either way, this new Jammer party feature is pretty cool! Dizzying and confusing, but cool!

Something good to know– it's possible to change the name of Jammer parties, so you should use the picture on the party button to determine which room theme it is. :)

To conclude this little guide to Jammer parties, here are some screenshots:

EDIT: Oops, forgot to read this Jamaa Journal page! You don't decorate, but you can choose a name from a list as well as a party type. 

...Now, back to the update!

Pet penguins have waddled into the Diamond Shop. They want to be your friend! They want to explore from the depths of Deep Blue to the highest peak in Mount Shiveer! C'mon, take one of these cuties with you~ <3

Just look at her face! She's so excited to come with you on your journeys and become as great an explorer, warrior, or princess as you. The adventures are endless! <3

In other news, news about Play Wild has replaced the event calendar in Jammer Central:

Hmm... Kind of a shame. While not useful, I really liked the calendar. Who knows, maybe they'll bring it back?

Just a notice to keep an eye out for the New Years party!

And thanks for the praise, AJHQ. Getting lost in the maze has paid off in the hundred millions!

Just some more reminders... Remember to log on each day if you can find the time!

And with that, this Jamaa Journal closes with an advertisement for the polar bear:

This update brings some new regular shop items, too! Here all the ones I've found so far:

Keep in mind that because I'm nonmember and don't have an underwater animal so I can't show you underwater items unless I take them from other pages! Luckily, there aren't any underwater items today. I think... :S

• • • •

That's it for the news today, but here are a couple semi-interesting things I've noticed on the Daily Explorer:

You see that red "DELETE ME" in front of the D.E. comment? I don't know why it's there, but I theorize it's like a spam-marker or an inappropriate-comment-marker for AJHQ. Hmm...

The second thing I noticed was this creepy gingerbread man face from this post:

"Heee heee heeeeeee"

That's all for now, Jammers! See you in Jamaa! :D


  1. the gingerbread... its out to get us

  2. They'll never find the bodies
    ~Creepy Gingerbread man


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