Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Happy Jamaalidays!

Hey Jammers! Sorry for not posting Monday or Tuesday, I was feeling a little sick and decided to take every opportunity I had to sleep. Zzzz... Thankfully, I'm feeling better today so I can tell you all about Jamaa's December celebration: the Jamaalidays! 

And oh my goodness– it looks like they've just started!

What's wrong with this picture? Scroll down to find out!

Well, they started yesterday, but that's still pretty close, right?

Like many Animal Jam celebrations, the Jamaalidays are based off of an actual holiday (Christmas) and were renamed because despite how widespread Christmas is, the majority of the world population don't celebrate it. In fact, it's estimated that it's celebrated by a little less than 45% of people. 

Pretty impressive, but let's not forget about the many, many people who don't celebrate Christmas! A big shoutout to you for getting through all the annoying holiday movies and crammed malls during  the cold months of December. :D

So, back to Jamaa! For all you newer Jammers out there, the Jamaalidays are celebrated mainly through daily gifts that are given out up until the 25th. Strangely, the above picture of the advent calendar seems to have gifts that go up until the 31st. Is it a glitch or purposeful? The world may never know.

Today's Jamaaliday gift is the Jamaaliday Centerpiece! It isn't loading, so I took a picture of it displayed in my den:

An array of items are laid out on a yellow and red cloth: Two candles (one red, one purple), four spherical ornaments (red, pink, blue, and yellow), a sprig of mistletoe, and a small pine tree branch to set the scene. All warm and wintery!

Fun fact: Mistletoe has no smell! At least any smell detectable by human noses... Who knows about other animals?

I missed yesterday's first Jamaaliday gift, so here it is as well (It also glitched out on me, so I'm also displaying it in my den!):

This one's called the Jamaaliday Welcome Mat and it looks a little too shiny to be an actual welcome mat. Hmm...

Now that it's the Jamaalidays, I feel like I should have an online party or a contest to show how much I appreciate you all. I would love to have an AJ party in my den, but I think I was cursed by a witch so that no matter how many people RSVP, only one person shows up. LOL, I'll get back to you on that one...

...But I am probably going to have a contest! Maybe! I don't know if I have any items that you all would want, haha.

Tell me what you think in the comments, 'kay? :)

In other news, there are also a whole lot of shop items as well as gifts– and the majority of them are nonmember!

I wonder if the Narcissus actually blooms in December or someone just made December's birth flower because it reminded them of snow. Come to think of it, who decided the birth flowers, anyway? If you tell me in the comments then I will give you an invisible appreciative pat on the back. *Pat pat*

• • • •

This is kind of old news, but have you looked at the Daily Explorer lately? There's this adorable art contest topic about countries going on!

I've always loved learning about geography and different environments. A couple years ago, I voluntarily memorized all 50+ countries of Africa over the course of two hours. It's kind of funny because I can't even tell you all of the states of my own country, LOL. 

I just love globes and maps, too. I dunno, they're just so pretty... 

Before I go, remember to use the code GIFTS to get 500 gems for your Animal Jam account!

Peace out! :D

– DoomyPanda


  1. Hope you feel better soon Doomy!
    I'm gonna enter that art contest now, wish me luck ;)

  2. Cool post! ;) I love how we can get gifts every day! :P (man, that sounded greedy... O.o ) But how come if you miss a day, you can't just click it a different day??? (Two friends for mine thought that you could so they didn't get the first prize)
    Hmmm... I love parties! Maybe it's cuz I don't like taking items from my friends...
    Yay! I just made a Christmas house!!! (if you wanna check it out, my user is lostfairy!) Yes, I did it without a pine tree but I made my own "Christmas tree"!
    I looked up about Narcissus flowers and they sometimes grow in winter but are mostly a spring flower. ;) And there's this myth thing: According to classical mythology, a young lad Narcissus, was so enamored with himself that he stared at his reflection in a pool of water until he eventually turned into his namesake flower. And this is how Narcissus flowers came into being! Strange but kinda funny! :P
    That is an adorable contest! ;) That's why I keep seeing pictures for South America and North America! :D
    Awesome post! (sorry for long comment)


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