Sunday, December 20, 2015

How to shop at Royal Ridge (Without an Eagle or Owl!)

Hey Jammers! Today's Jamaaliday gift is the sleigh runway:

If I remember correctly, this was originally sold in Jam Mart Furniture. AJHQ just decided to turn it into a gift. :D

In other news, some pictures of unreleased dens have been spotted in one of the latest Daily Explorer posts:

At first I thought the top image was of the underground burrow den, but then I realized they already have a picture of it in the post.

Hmm... it looks suspiciously like the Bunny's Only party, only with a waterfall that pours into a rainbow pool. It seems to be a smaller den– vaguely coconut shaped –with one small door located at the top left. Hey, this actually looks like a geode!

From the outside, geode's look like rocks, but if cracked open they reveal a cavern of crystals!

I could imagine a geode den being introduced to Animal Jam, and I know I'll definitely want one. I'm counting on the fact that they're small that they'll be nonmember. Pretty please with a cherry on top, AJHQ? :D

The next den is a very wintry den that looks very similar to both the New Years Party and the Penguin's Only Party– mostly the latter. With there being no new dens for quite some time, as well with Winter approaching, I'm fairly sure this den will be released soon. Hmm...

Okay, now onto the main focus of this post. I found a very interesting YouTube video by TheOneAndOnlySomething that shows you how to shop at Royal Ridge, the Coral Canyons shop just out of reach by earth-dwelling Jammers. 

However, there's a glitch that helps us overcome our lack of digital wings!

Okay, hopefully this video will play. If not, here's a link.

This glitch has more steps than others, but it can be easily accomplished if you set your mind to it. Hopefully, its complexity will give it a longer lifespan before it's fixed!

This video does a great job of explaining, so I highly recommend it to the curious. Also, go support the YouTuber who figured it out! Thank you for sharing, TheOneAndOnlySomething! ^_^

• • • •

Before I close this post, I was playing Best Dressed the other day and I wanted to show you some of my winning outfits. Y'know, for ideas and stuff. Definitely not because I'm just looking for an excuse to talk about myself, ha ha ha! Ha...

So, here they are!:

Theme: Best for Winter

I wish this outfit was nonmember, I love it so much. TT_TT

Theme: Happiest

Theme: Most Like a Pirate

Theme: Most Like a Superhero

My inspiration was a cross of Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Batman-- only blue and with actual wings. :D

Theme: Best for Exploring

Not my best, admittedly. :T

And I could never forget the crowning moment of my Animal Jam life: when five people voted for me in Best Dressed:

*sheds single tear* I am loved...

That's all for now, Jammers. See you in Jamaa! :D

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