Sunday, December 13, 2015

Pet Trading + Unusual Item Glitch

Hey Jammers! As promised, I'm back and my project is completely done.

For those who are curious, the prompt for this project in my physics class was to build an electrical toy or game. I chose to build a quiz board because I remembered making one in 4th grade so I'd be more familiar with the construction.

A quiz board is a cardboard box with questions and buttons on the front. Your job is to just answer them correctly and something cool happens!

Here's a picture of part of my quiz board:

Whenever the right answer is touched, the pen lights up and makes a horrifying shrieking sound to let you know that you're smart and appreciated.

Aside from the stressful beginning, my project went really well! I was the only one in my class to work alone, so I could finally be free and not have to worry about other group members not doing work. Blah, I hate group work...

...But enough about me! Let's get to the actual Animal Jam news, shall we?

Today's daily gift is returning from last year: the Jamaaliday Bells! 

Did you know that "Jamaa" means "family" in Swahili? We're all one big family, sitting at out computers and typing at each other from miles and miles away! 

Without the convenience of instant messages, we'd have to solely rely on letters for everything. While writing letters is fun, it just may not be as ideal for saying "hey wassup" as a real-time computer game.

In other news, a weird glitch has been spotted that could be hints for a new feature soon to come: pet trading.

The above screenshot is credited to Animal Jam Spirit.

So... how do all of you feel about this? Unless some pets stop being seasonally released and become rare, I don't see any reason why a feature like this would be useful. Hmm... And now the eternal question:

Glitch or upcoming feature?

Only time, leaks, and the Jamaa Journal will tell.

Speaking of glitches, I ran into an unusual but admittedly not-that-exciting item glitch on one of the newer Jamaaliday Gifts:

You see that?

You see that right there?

That tiny, shapeless insignificant dot that happens to be hovering next to the hedge?

That tiny green dot with it's very own glow when clicked?

Yeah. That dot. That dot doesn't belong here. That dot needs to GO!

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!

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  1. look at the phantom watcher there are dots (red)


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