Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Story of Zios (Ice Sculpture Version)

Hey Jammers! Happy last day of the Jamaalidays! I know, I'm sad too.

To celebrate for one more day before 2016 swoops in, AJHQ has given us all an icy statue crafted in the form of Zios, Jamaa's sunny protector:

Because he's modeled after a sun god, isn't it a little odd to see him all cold and snowy? Poor Zios...

Zios couldn't put up with my shenanigans and sunk back down to the phantom realm. At least there are no bothersome pandas down there.

There's also a new icy item sold in Jam Mart Clothing:

This would be a good investment for Ice Sculpture Zios to scare away annoying pandas such as myself. It's a bonus if they're dripping blood! That would make them a little more expensive than just 650 gems, though.

• • • •

Alright! Annoying notice time!

• You might have noticed that I haven't updated Buddy of the Month for December. Because it's the 31st, I will pick it back up in January.

• You also might have noticed that Berry the Koala has been spotty in its updating schedule. Don't blame the blue koala, blame me, DoomyPanda! Yesterday I talked about a new thing where you guys can decide the plot of each journal entry and I'll write it. I'll start that after the next Berry the Koala entry, which I am planning to publish next Friday.

Thanks for reading and have a happy New Year! Do you have any resolutions? I wanna know what they are, guys. I need some inspiration! Comment them! :D

See you in 2016, Animal Jam Streamers. Should I start calling you guys that now? Maybe that can be my New Years resolution.

Peace out!!! 

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