Saturday, December 5, 2015

Unreleased Items + New Plushies!

Hey Jammers! Sorry I couldn't post yesterday, I didn't have access to a computer. Sadly, because of that I missed yesterdays gift– Snowman in the box!

I don't have it right now, but I would assume it's an interactive item that lets you crank the handle until a snowman pops out. 

I remember that jack-in-the-boxes always scared me when I was really little because I thought something creepy would pop out. XD

Speaking of creepy, today's Jamaaliday gift looks a little... odd.

The smile could be creepy or cute for different people, but for me... I'd say it looks a little more ominous than adorable. The glitched blank name-tag doesn't help with that, either. XD

I've noticed that all of the gifts so far have been slightly glitchy in some way for me. Is anyone else experiencing this?

In other news, a whole lot of unreleased items have been spotted at the new AJHQ Jamaaliday showcase den, accessible from the Epic Dens tab on the World Map.

The unreleased items include, but are not limited to:

1. This impossibly white wolf (which could have something to do with this strange glitch):

2. The epic polar bear plushie. (Or is that already released? Not sure.)

3. This baking table. (Probably a prize in Jamaaliday Rescue?)

These are a few of the ones I noticed, so go to the showcase den to catch sight of more!

Some unreleased plushies spotted at the older Fantasy Castle showcase den have been released! Check out The Claw Game to see for yourself:

Otter and llama plushies! Most likely all the others are out, but I just didn't see them yet. Admittedly, it will be difficult to get one out of all the others, but that's no reason not to try, right? 

At least it isn't an actual claw machine that's so rigged that you only win one out of every hundred times. XD

In other news, some new Jamaaliday Jam-a-Grams have come out!

Send some gifts and kind words to your buddies with these. <(^-^<)

Aaaaand, before I go, here are the new shop items:

These are sold in Jam Mart Clothing an Jam Mart Furniture, as always. ^_^

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!


  1. Aww... I am sorry that you didn't get the snowman in a box! :'( Do you want mine? I would be willing to trade it to you, Doomy, if you wanted it.
    Lol, I think the hat is kinda cute... But I could also see how it might be creeeppppy... O.O The creepy cookieman... Nice ring to it. :P
    Oooh! How come I never check the Epic Dens button! @_@ I need to check that out.
    I also have the white elephant glitch. It is sooo weird. I mean, I don't even get white elephants when playing and I miss the sea of colorful plushies, tempting me into putting 5 gems into the chance of winning one of them..... :P But I do superbly want to win a cute llama... They (in my opinion) are one of the cutest of the plushies!!! =)
    The new cards are adorable! :D Well, the Mira one is so pretty. It is so beautiful! ;) (Thanks Doomy, for sending me a card earlier.)
    A gift kite? And are those EARRINGS? Wow... :o I didn't even know there would be earrings in AJ... :/
    As always, lol. So much truth in that. I look at the comments on RIM posts on the Daily Explorer and SO many people are like, "where is the RIM?" And I'm like, "Really, people? Don't you ever check all the shops like I do? And don't you know that its probably in the Jamaa clothes shop??"
    On that note, farewell and again... Sorry for long comment!!! @.@ Once my fingers get movin there's no stopping them... --Again bye!

    1. Doomy! Next time your on, I'll give you the snowman in a box! I just got an extra! I wanna give it to you! ;)

    2. You don't have to, but thank you so much for offering! You're so kind and thoughtful~ ^_^

    3. Really! I do want to! ;) I hope to se you soon, so I can. It will be an early Christmas present!!! :D

  2. The gingerbread cookie is leaning a bit more on the creepy side for me too, but I think that's just because of how large its eyes are. If they were smaller it would probably be cute!

  3. ya the same glitch has been happening for me (it also won't show up on my seal)

    hey has anyone noticed that the tiger on the new jam-a-grams doesnt have a tail?

    1. Wow, I just noticed that now! :o That is kinda funny... XD


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