Sunday, January 10, 2016

AJHQ's Account & Pop Culture in AJ

Hey Jammers! I apologize for not posting yesterday, or posting about the full update. Some not-great things have been going on that made me feel like lying around and marinating in sadness, but the worst part is over now. 

I'm ready to get back and post for you, update Berry The Koala and Buddy of the Month, finish my neglected English project, write a billion thank-you cards, and...

Eep. Maybe I'm not ready for ALL of that in one day... but I'll definitely write up this post and do my English project both to the best of my ability! Sorry guys, no Berry the Koala or Buddy of the Month YET. Again, I haven't been feeling so good and all that jazz. Blah... Blahhh.... BLAAHAHAHHHH....

Another thing: I'm busy preparing for the goat-pocalypse! What about you? Have you stocked up on nutrients and barricaded yourself underground yet? Better start soon! I can already hear them approaching on the horizon...

Today's new item is sold in Jam Mart Furniture:

Y'know, I've never ice-skated before, nor did I know there was a difference between regular ice-skates and hockey-skates. But one thing's for certain: if I tried using either in real life, I would fall down instantly and probably cry.

Over on the Daily Explorer, we got a fantastic Diamond Challenge prompt: design an AJ desktop background by 9 PM MST tonight!

Click to read clearer!
Now I'm gonna add this to my list-of-things-I-wanna-do-but-probably-won't-have-time. I love sitting down in my bed with some paper and spending seven hours straight making a giant drawing, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that tonight before 9 PM. I gotta pay more attention to the Daily Explorer!

In other news, a seemingly official "Ajhq" account has been spotted wandering Jamaa:

This is cool if it's really them... but I'm a little skeptical. Aside from the name and having a fairly official-looking den, there's no verification that this account is indeed being used by AJHQ. 

However, someone in this person's Jammer Wall said that AJHQ personally verified this account as their own, but then again, I'm still not sure. What do you guys think?

Speaking of AJHQ, a new showcase den has been arranged!

And like all showcase dens, the Winter Palace showcase den is riddled with unreleased items! Even though I'm not sure about some, here are all the ones I've spotted:

I kind of hope that the Mira ice sculpture doesn't become an item because then it would take away from how special the one in Jamaa Township is. Thankfully, I'm pretty sure a few of the things (including ice Mira) in AJHQ showcase dens won't become full-fledged items. 

...But if Ice Mira does get released, then at least Ice Zios will finally have a friend!

• • • •

I think this next segment of today's post will interest many of you. 

Now, I don't watch Dr. Who, but I'm pretty sure this is his portrait in the Chemistry Lab:

...Or one of him, at least. I'm not too certain how that universe works. XD

Here are the two other portraits next to him:

If you look closely at the gold plaque beneath each, you'll see a chunky inverted triangle and an R-shape at the beginning of both their names. This is probably an abbreviation for Doctor.

Now, if you look at the Dr. Who fox's gold plaque, all it has on it is the faint abbreviation for Doctor. In conclusion, the fox is definitely "The Doctor"! And not so surprising– I don't know much about Dr. Who, but what I do know is that it's ridiculously popular.

I wonder if the other two portraits are of characters also out of pop culture. Hmm... who could they be? Now THAT'S the real challenge! Any other famous science-y characters you know of?

That's all for now, Jammers. See you in the Chemistry Lab!


  1. Oooh... Hockey skates... I love skating and I like a guy who plays hockey so. XD I think the difference between hockey skates and figure skates are that figure skates have a little jagged front for stopping and are made for doing tricks and twirls while hockey skates are more for whatever. :O o_O o_o YOU'VE. NEVER. GONE. SKATING???!!! ITS SO MUCH FUN! ALONG WITH ROLLARBLADING!
    Hmm... I kinda doubt that's REALLY AJHQ but... Who really knows?
    Wow, that's a of new/unreleased stuff! I like the outside stuff like the door and I also like the little polar bear plushie and the giant eagle and the bookshelf! Soo cute idea with books on a snowflake! :D #Ilovebooksatonandsnowflakes
    Hmm hm hm. I'm not into Dr. Who and I never watch it or whatever. I'm more into Austin & Ally and Once Upon A Time...
    Well, jam on, don't scam on! -lostfairy

    also I'd take Anon's advice up there and go ice skating when you have the chance! I've only gone once in (surprisingly) Florida, but it is tons of fun! Later on in the ice skating trip, you become more reckless and your body is too numb to hurt when you fall ,so that's a pro.
    Also, the Mira Ice Statue is actually an item! idk if anyone else has commented that yet but yeah. Mira statues are an item, and pretty high in value. I'm glad AJHQ came up with an Ice Zios to go along with it ^-^

    and... Eagle plushie... is flippin cuTE
    Hope you've been feeling better (cuz I know I'm commenting on this sorta late)!


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