Thursday, January 28, 2016

Friendship Festival!

Hey jammers! Its furryfruit73. Finals are over, so Doomy and I will be more active! :) Since we've been gone, the Friendship Festival has started.

Heart Earrings, Heart Wand, Heart Balloon, Cape and Antennae are all in Jam Mart Clothing.

For furniture, we have Valentine Pile, Hear Rose Archway and the Heart Mat.

As for the Diamond Shop, we have the Heart Cloud, Pixelated Fox Head, and Friendship Armor.

Wow. That was a LOT of hearts. Hope everyone has a good week, and that you don't have any tests! :)


  1. I was actually going to have attest soon but it was canceled for a later date YAY!

  2. Yay new stuff!!! Am I the only one who is a bit of a pack rat on AJ? I love my stuff and when I'm going to trade, I go through my stuff and I'm like, "Nope, keep that. Nope. No. No. NO!" And am I the only one who gets pumped up by AJ? I mean, they make SUCH a big deal out of holidays that I can't wait for them! Like Valentine's Day. I don't usually look forward for it but now I feel so excited! :D Anyhoo, ignore my blabber. :) Great post and like always, to the point. NEW ITEMS! Jam on! -lostfairy

    1. Me too! I don't trade very much because I'm sentimental about a lot of my older items because they remind me of fun memories, even if they're not really rare.

    2. IKR? I got a plushie from a friend I have in real and normally I don't keep plushies but she gave it so its special... ;) -lostfairy


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