Saturday, January 30, 2016

Special Delivery Tips + Prizes

Hey Jammers! I greatly underestimated the amount of testing there would be last week and because of that, I thought that end-of-semester projects would be the only things I'd need to worry about getting in the way of updating this blog. Boy, was I incorrect! Sorry 'bout that. 

Anyways, I'm back to regular posting! Thanks a bunch for your patience. :D

Furryfruit73 already talked about the items coming with the recent update, so I'll take the liberty to talk about the other big thing that came with it: Special Delivery!

Special Delivery is a seasonal adventure being celebrated in February along with the Friendship Festival, AJ's version of Valentine's Day. Like many seasonal adventures, Special Delivery is a group search-and-find, but not as much in a maze format as other seasonal adventures. Your job is to deliver Valentines all across the map and get prizes in exchange for each batch!

Here are all the prizes I've collected so far, but being a nonmember prevents me from collecting them all. Because of this, I've decided to cheat and take screenshots from YouTube for your convenience. 

The video I've taken these from is linked here. 

Including the above image, here are all the NONMEMBER PRIZES:

As you can see, many of them are from last year.

Next, here are the MEMBER PRIZES!

There are also a couple treasure chests scattered throughout the map. The prizes they yield can range from new, cool items to the kind of stuff you'd expect to get in Sky High.


If the person who made the video sees this, I hope it's ok to use these screenshots! Again, here's the link to the video.

If you've found any prizes not listed here, please share what they are in the comments!

• • • •

I've played this adventure a few times, so I think I have enough ~*experience*~ to give you all a few pointers.

1. Keep your map open at all times. This plays in with the tip below.

2. Be organized about hunting for mailboxes. Instead of skipping around the map, split it up. For me, I like to "outline" the heart shape of the map and fill in each half, paying attention to every mailbox. This makes looking for the last couple of mailboxes 10x easier!

3. Do the four-player jump-thingy at the end. I've only gotten store items like flower necklaces and stuff from the treasure chest, and you don't really need it to complete the map. Better wait 'til the end!


...stop for digital hot chocolate. :P

• • • •

That's all for now, Jammers! I'm so happy to be posting for you again! If you've noticed anything else about Special Delivery, don't hesitate to comment! I'll reply to all the ones I can. ^.^

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  1. Nice long post! I like Special Delivery! ;) I find it very easy and fun! (Ack, too much stuff, not enough space) I like to just go around half a heart then the other! And I finish it pretty quickly, unlike Bitter Sweets... XD (AN HOUR OF LAG AND CANDY) Ooh, I noticed something missing! Rare Friendship Mask! I got one! :D I think that's all... Anyhoo, have a great day! And jam on! And don't scam! Or hack! And cya in AJ! And bye! XD -lostfairy


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