Saturday, January 16, 2016

What Happens When You Beat 'Mira Says'

Hey Jammers! It's me, DoomyPanda: the Doom-iest of Pandas! Did ya miss me? Well, miss me no more because I've got a big post for you today!

But regardless of how many interesting things I have in store, let's start out simple with the new items of today:

Once I figure out how to make a GIF then I'll be making one for every color of every new item. 'Til then, I guess you kids should get used to still images while I figure out these new and fangled technologies.

Over on the Daily Explorer, the winners of the Desktop Wallpaper Contest have been announced:

I think my favorites of all these have to be the rainbow and the underwater one. I just love the vibrant colors of the rainbow and the underwater one reminds me of one of the old home screens:

Great job and congratulations to all of the ones who entered, even if you didn't win! :)

In other news, remember when I made that post about how to beat the game "Mira Says"? Well, I followed my own advice and did just that!

I don't know anyone else who's actually finished this game, and I'd like to think that very few people actually have because it's so difficult and tedious to do so without cheating. And yeah, I cheated to win... but not in a crazy way! I just got a pencil and notebook and recorded each new color of the sequence so I wouldn't forget. 

Besides, I doubt that the average kid would be able to actually complete this game without writing down the colors. At least in the sequence I completed, there were exactly 32 colors that I had to memorize. I hope you'll forgive me.

As for what happens when you finally reach the end? Well, it's a little disappointing. There's just a "Great Job!" and the game ends with you getting an achievement:

I was hoping that something really cool would happen– c'mon! that game is impossible unless you have a super-memory. Truth be told, I was hoping Mira herself would come out of the game and give me a secret mission or some stuff. Now that would be interesting!

More realistically, it would be cool if after we reached the end we could hear how the full sequence sounds. It sounded rather musical as I was playing– I'm curious to hear it all together instead of in pieces.

In conclusion, what happens when you beat 'Mira Says'? Answer: Absolutely nothing!

But you never know... why don't you go try it out? It couldn't hurt. ;)

That's all for now, Jammers. See you in Jamaa!


  1. Yeah, that sucks, i'm currently trying to beet the game now.


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