Saturday, February 20, 2016

AJ Toy Figurines Coming in June!

Hey Jammers! By now you've probably heard all the juicy gossip about the new Animal Jam figurines hitting the stores in June of this year. Here are all of the photos uploaded to Clark Stacey's (AJ's CEO) Instagram account as of yet:

That panda is hands down the most adorable toy I've ever seen.

Here's what we know so far:

• They're going to be made by Commonwealth Toy & Novelty, a toy manufacturer and marketer that's been in partnership with WildWorks since last year.

• The outfit parts will be interchangeable, so you can dress the animals and pets up how you like.

• Some animals will have secret patterns that shine under blacklight! It looks like the blacklight will be part of the figure in the form of a cool-looking ring.

• The figurines were previewed at Toy Fair NY16.

• As far as the pictures show, the figurines include animal characters, pets, pet houses, and accessories for both.

• They probably won't be at McDonalds.

• They're coming out officially in June!

I wonder if they have anything to do with that Enchanted Earth toy series that we all went crazy about last year but then just... faded away. Or, maybe they didn't and I've been so out of it that I didn't know they were released? Either way, I haven't found pictures of the actual Enchanted Earth figurines anywhere online, so maybe these are it? Maybe? Or maybe Enchanted Earth was ditched for this? The world may never know. Until June.

I'm as excited for these toys as anyone else, but I still have a few questions. For example, what material are they made out of? They look like vinyl, but I wanna be sure. Animal Jam is a game that generally promotes being kind to the environment, but mass-producing a lot of toys that will end up in landfills seems kind of... counterintuitive? I was hoping that maybe the toys would be made of something that wouldn't mess up the environment as much, but I'm not sure WildWorks has much control over it. Hmm...

What do you think about AJ making toys? Are you excited? :D

See you in Jamaa!


  1. That'd be cool if they eventually made every item (or most), because then you could have a figure of your animal! Same outfit as in the game :)

  2. OH MY WORD THESE LOOK AMAZING! I WANNA GET THEM! I hope they will be in my area! :( :D They look like Littlest Pet Shop or something! :D Can't wait! :D And to me, I don't really care much for what they use to make them. :P -lostfairy


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