Monday, February 8, 2016

Explaining The New Chat System

Hey Jammers! Apologies for the late post, but other than that I'm happy to say I lived up to most of my blog-related goals this weekend! I updated a couple pages, I wrote up a Berry the Koala post, and I even managed to fix the size of the comment font so it's actually readable! Yay for productivity! :D

I'm going to talk a little about the Berry the Koala post because I feel like no one's going to know about it otherwise.

First, let me explain.

You see that koala there? The oddly colored one? That's Berry. Yep, just like every other AJ blogger ever, I hopped on the plushie blog bandwagon! About three years ago, exactly.

Ever since then, Berry's been releasing his journals to the internet. However, due to some unseen magical force, he just doesn't have anything interesting to write about! Sorry, Berry, it's true.

And that's why he's turned to YOU for some ideas! Comment on any post with an idea you have. There's a link at the top of this post with more info ^

In other news, today's new post is about the weird new chat system. While it is only in a developing phase, isn't it a little strange that now you can say things like BLOOD, GUTS, KILL, STAB, SCAM, and HACK?

Alright, allowing the words "scam" and "hack" is one thing, but "kill" and "stab"? For an updated chat system, that seems a little counterintuitive.

On the bright side, now you can say the names of some of AJ's competitors, like Club Penguin and Webkinz.

The brightest part of this bright side is that I can finally say my favorite emoticon again!

This is a glorious victory.

So, there's some good sides to this chat update, as well as some bad sides. But what does it all mean? What's going on here that allows us to say "STAB" and "HACK" and "KILL"?

Let's look back at the official Jamaa Journal announcement:

Jammers who follow the AJ rules will get more chat freedom, and Jammers who break those rules will get restricted more. Hmm. Now we know that the new system is more personalized, and is probably based off of personal chat history. 

That would mean that our chat histories will get consistently reviewed, and some people would be able to say stuff like "SCAM", "HACK", and "KILL" while others would not. 

I'm guessing the way this works is like this: words like "scam", "hack", and "kill" are usable only to those who use them properly. If you say something like "I'MA GONNA KILL U!!!111!!!", you'll lose privileges to say that word, but if you say something like "My mom's gonna kill me if I don't do my homework," then it's okay.

It seems like an unstable system at first, but not enough time has passed to see it's ramifications. Let's hang in there for a little while longer!

• • • •

I'm really grateful that AJHQ allowed more chat freedom, but I'd still really like to be able to type after punctuation without that evil "BZZT!" in the way. Maybe some more punctuation freedom, too? I miss being able to type a bunny in Jamaa Township.

That's all for now, Jammers! Have an excellent day, and don't forget to enter in Berry's contest!

( o.o )
(") (")


  1. however, the new chat is also bad because it doesn't let you say things that are not in the chat system so you cant type random nonsense like "vfriwwwurnfbscgfmxkwgvknjkwcglgsncrkqyfleecyns" anymore. also you cant purposely misspell things either

    1. Oh that stinks. :/ -lostfairy


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