Friday, February 5, 2016

Friendship Update!

Hey Jammers! I really apologize for the big delay in posting. The new semester commenced this Monday and me and Furryfruit73 have been getting used to our new schedules. I've just come home from school every day so tired! 

Plus, Furryfruit73 has been sick for a few days– but don't blame her! Blame meeeeeee and my incessant need for sleep! Oh, DoomyPanda! If only you could stay up until 2 am and walk around like a zombie just like everyone else!

Before I get to this week's lovely, friendship-y update, I kind of wanted to ask y'all a question: How come only a few of you comment? I know this sounds like a really bratty question, but I'm genuinely curious. 

On average I get around 200-400 views daily, but I only get one comment every other day, most of those being spam. So, what's up? Is the Captcha and moderation wait a pain in the neck? I'll remove 'em both, if you want. I'm just really curious as to why you're holding back!

One last thing before I talk about the Jamaa Journal. Because I've really neglected to update this blog lately, I'm going to try to update EVERYTHING this weekend. That means new codes, new glitches/tricks, new BOTM, and yes, even a new Berry the Koala! I feel awful for being so lazy while so many other AJ bloggers get up at 3 AM to post. DoomyPanda– the disgrace!

Alright, onto the Jamaa Journal!

This week's update starts out with a beautiful new den, the Friendship Cottage! Because I'm a nonmember, I'm probably going to just peer pressure one of my member friends into getting one so I can hang around there all day until they lock me out.

Springtime? Carnival?

*looks outside, snow is blowing everywhere*

Sure... Sure...

Oh my gosh!!! AJHQ is finally going to celebrate Chinese New Year!!! YES!!!!!! I'm not sure why I'm so excited because I don't even celebrate Chinese New Year lol. Maybe it's because I'm happy it isn't a Western celebration for once? Hmm. I hope The Chinese New Year Party on AJ won't have any stereotypes. I'll do a post on it later!

New, looser chat rules? Will nonmembers finally get back the chat log? I wonder how this new system will work. Judging by the lower paragraph, this new system will adapt individually to Jammers' chat history. This seems really clever on AJHQ's part. Thanks so much!

Sorry, guys, no goats yet! But, we have a cute CGI video! Also, members now have the capacity of 500 den inventories. Hooray for them!

A sweet new party? Yay! Candy!

I have to go now, but I promise a more extensive update to this blog tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

– DoomyPanda


  1. Hey, that's ok! I don't blame you, Doomy!
    Ikr, I feel like the ONLY commenter... :P Come on, people! XD
    If you want to hang out in the new den, why not go to the diamond shop and be in the empty one... :P
    Ya, TOTALLY agree with the *looks outside, snow is blowing everywhere* XD
    Ack, I need a monkey, cuz that stuff looks kinda cool!
    GOATS ARE ADORABLE! :D Jumping into a tree! Must help the little guy that got stuck in the tree!
    SWEET, CANDY PARTY! I lovvee the giant gummy bears in there... XD :D
    Anyhoo, jam on! And good luck, Doomy and Furry, with your school!!! ;) -lostfairy

  2. sorry, but the reason i usually dont comment is out of pure laziness DX


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