Sunday, February 28, 2016

Return of the Leap Year Party

Hey Jammers! As promised, I have updated Berry the Koala with a prompt given to me by lostfairy. Thank you for commenting your ideas! The prompt given was for Berry and friends to explore the unknown top left corner of the World Map.

I've started out with a part 1, which is kind of an introduction because I didn't have enough time to write the whole prompt out. I'm going to finish the story prompt with a part 2 when I get the time, but don't hesitate to comment your story ideas anywhere! :D

GASP! A sneak-peek from Part 2!

In other news, tomorrow is Leap Day, and after Leap Day is March, and hopefully sometime during March will be Spring for the Northern Hemisphere. To celebrate all of these things, Animal Jam has released more Lucky Day items as well as welcomed the Leap Year Party back into Jamaa!

I'm loving that little frog with the sick shades. He knows was up

The Leap Year Party is hands down, my favorite party of all. As soon as 12 o'clock hits and the Leap Year Party is on once again I'll be there and share screenshots with you.

And now... we wait.


*checks watch* 

Looks about time!

Frogs everywhere! Sensory overload! AAAAAA!!!

I must say, the Leap Year Party has changed considerably. Almost every item is replaced with something new!

The mug I'm drinking my mint tea from looks exactly like that frog.

It's understandable, I guess, to change every four years. And we can always see Leap Year 2012 by looking up screenshots on Google Images. So it looks like there's no harm done by switching things up a bit.

Here are the items:

All of the den items seem to be going along the theme of frogs (get it? Leap year? BWHAAAAHAHAHHHJdsvba) and the clothing items are really just recolored and partially retextured. Before anyone gets mad that there aren't any ~real~ rare items being sold, you have to know that this is what they did for Leap Year 2012. Admittedly, the items were a little cooler looking, but these too will be at least semi-rare one day because they AIN'T COMING BACK.

Here's an example with a past Leap Year item, the Rare Purple Worn Blanket. They're not in very high demand, but if you just focus on availability, they're actually rarer than regular worns. Regular worns can be acquired through adventures like the Forgotten Desert, whereas purple ones can't! 

Not a lot of people will agree with you if you bring that up while trading, because "rarity" constitutes as a combo of DEMAND and DATE. Just think about how quickly Straw Hats got snatched up merely a couple days after they went and then now people are equating them to "betas" when trading.

That's why I don't talk about rarity that much, because it fluctuates so much! At the end of the day, the only one who gets to decide whats rare or not is the person you're trading. I walked into Aldan one day and there was a whole legion of people who thought that "beta item" was synonymous with "not in stores". Needless to say, it was difficult to trade.

Anyway, back to the Leap Year Party!

While at the Leap Year Party, I met someone who's birthday was on Leap Day, so they're "technically" just four years old.

And remember when I was amazed at the Queen Frog? Well, that was before I had gone down the slide...

I love how many frogs are at this party. This is froggy paradise!

Like in 2012, there's also a special Claw. Instead of costing 5 gems, you have to give up 25 for each turn! However, the only things I've gotten are a pink wreath and an orange top hat. But you never know...

• • • •

Before I go, to spread positivity, here's a list of all the things I love about this party:


• The slide made of giant banana leaves

• The Sarepia Forest music in the background

• How peaceful and mysterious it is

• The treehouse

• The color scheme

• The dark forest

• Basically everything

• This is where I'll be spending my afternoons from now on until the end of the party

That's all for now, Jammers! See you at the Leap Year Party~


  1. This was such a cute tour! I didn't really buy anything this year from the party, other than the epic antlers & frog wall art.
    Idk, nothing really caught my interest. The "fluffy fox heads" looked weird to me.. like fake fox hats.


  2. Yeah, I basically spent a year waiting for this party... heh heh ':D

  3. Aww! I am so honored that you picked my story prompt! :D Gasp! Sneak peek! :D
    EEEK THIS IS SUCH A CUTE PARTY!!! :D I love everything! I see people saying stuff like, "What? This is a terrible party. I waited for this for years. Ajhq should have done better." And I'm like, "THIS IS SUCH A COOL PARTY! GASP. WHO WOULDN'T LIKE IT?!" (I am not signaling anyone out. I just see people who kinda say that but I made up my own thing of bits and pieces that I have seen.)
    Love how all the pictures and things you said about the party! Great post! :) -lostfairy


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