Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Pi Day!

π    π    π    π    π    π 

Hey Jammers, happy Pi Day! I wish my math teacher had taken the opportunity to give us actual pie instead of using today as an excuse to give harder problems than usual. :T

Because I'm obligated to make this blog at least semi-educational because Animal Jam itself is semi-educational, here are some fun facts about pi!

First of all, what is pi?

Pi is the circumference of a circle, which is like the circular version of perimeter. The distance around a shape. The exact reason why circles need their own version of a perimeter is too mathematical for my tired brain to remember, but basically it's because a truly perfect circle is much more difficult to measure. 

Pi begins with 3.14159... and goes on and on with no end! Because it goes on forever with no apparent pattern, any and every combination of numbers are theoretically within pi. Your phone number... your birthday... the script of your favorite movie written in binary... Yep. But only theoretically, it's not for certain, but isn't it an interesting thought? ^_^

And now, a useless fun fact: the billionth digit of pi is 9! Enjoy that information. Use it well. 

Now, back to Animal Jam! To celebrate Pi Day, some pi-related items are back in Jam Mart Furniture after a year of absence. Over in Jam-Mart-Clothing is a brand new pi item, too!

My two favorite items out of this group are the Giant Pi Statue and the Pi Hat. I like the Pi Statue colored lavender with the vines. :D

Because Pi Day also falls on a Monday, a pair of Rare Shamrock Sunglasses are being sold in Jam Mart Clothing to shield your eyes from the horrors of Winter not being over yet:

This may sound a little weird, but even if I don't celebrate a holiday I usually like to celebrate it in any way I can. For example, I personally don't like Valentines Day, but I love buying bucketloads of candy and giving horribly cute cards to my friends. In that same way, I'll probably sit around wearing green all day on the 17th just for the sake of it. Idk why, I guess I wish every day was a holiday? Eh... C(o.o)D

That's all for now, Jammers. See you in Jamaa!

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