Sunday, March 6, 2016

Lucky Clovers 2016 – All Prizes + Tips

Hey Jammers! DoomyPanda here, the doomiest of pandas reporting LIVE! from Jamaa about the latest seasonal group adventure, Lucky Clovers.

This is Lucky Clovers' second or third appearance, but the clovers are luckier than ever with the possibility of finding a much-sought-after Spiked Collar or Wristband in the Epic Treasure Chest. Hopefully, this influx of "spikes" will water down the rampant demand for them. Hopefully...

The object of this quest is to search far and wide across fields and rivers to collect four-leaf clovers for a happy koala in a snazzy hat. 

Patrick needs a total of 50 clovers from you, but for every ten clovers you collect, he'll give you a special key! This key will unlock any one of four treasure chests at the base and will give you a seasonal prize.

Because I'm nonmember, me and a kind member friend tag teamed it collecting screenshots of all the prizes. For your convenience, here are all of the prizes you could expect to win from any one of the four smaller chests:

Now, the giant Epic Treasure Chest is a whole other story. That's where you have the chance to win a Spiked Collar or Wristband! If you're member, that is. 

There are two prizes total you can get out of the Epic Treasure Chest, just like the regular chests. Nonmembers can only open the nonmember one, whereas members can open both the nonmember and member one.

So, what sort of prizes could you get out of the Epic Treasure Chest?

I'm a nonmember and I got the pale blue Rare Shark Fin as my Epic Prize. Not something you'd normally call 'epic', but rare nonetheless. I've also heard some people who got Nerd Glasses, so I'm assuming that anything nonmember and marked "rare" will be what you'll get from the nonmember Epic Chest. Basically, Rare Item Mondays.

On the member side, however, while playing I noticed a few people who actually got Spiked Collars/Wristbands like the Jamaa Journal promised. Three out of six member players is a lot, don'tcha think? I wonder if AJHQ noticed how messed up the current trading pool is and hoped that making Spiked Whatevers more accessible would even it out. They're not really that rare in terms of date, but in demand? Definitely.

I've heard a lot of players complaining in-game about their Epic Prizes. Personally, I don't really care about the prizes! It's true, I don't! I just love going through the beautifully designed quest with my friends! It's always exciting to see what prize you'll get, but the prize itself is just an added bonus. 

I love all the tiny tree stump dens in this adventure. I would really want to live in one!

I spent a good three hours trying to collect all the nonmember prizes, so I think we could all use a few tips, eh? Here are some tips that will help you stay on track and not get lost!

Tip #1: Make sure you have enough computer time! This adventure will take at least 45 minutes.

Tip #2: Keep your map open at all times. It's really helpful in not getting lost!

Tip #3: In addition to keeping your map open, try to be organized. The map is split up into four sections of a clover. Focus on one leaf at a time and make sure you get all the clovers you can from it! Scour each river and rock, leave no stone unturned!

Tip #4: If you just got a key and see another clover heading back to base, you won't be able to pick it up. Take a screenshot of your position on the map (the blue dot) and after you get your prize, open the screenshot and find your position so you can collect that clover!

That's all for now, Jammers. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment! 

May all your clovers be lucky! :D


  1. Those are those are dome great tips! I really want the cookies

  2. Thanks for the tips, Doomy! One of my buddies got a black long while playing the adventure with me.. not fair haha x3

  3. holy moly that screenshot-your-place tip is a life-saver :'O
    bless you child


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