Saturday, April 23, 2016

Earth Day + AJ Stationary

Happy belated Earth Day, Jammers! What kinds of stuff did you do yesterday to celebrate? While not exactly on Earth Day, me and my brother planted a ton of flowers and other plants in our backyard a couple days ago. There's been a lot of sun and rain so I can't wait until they grow! :D

Despite it not being April 22nd anymore for another year, there are still a ton of easy things you can do to make a positive difference in your area and your Earth:

Plant some beautiful flowers! 

Honeybees, butterflies, and other pollinators are very important to all ecosystems. Without pollinators, there wouldn't be plants, flowers, fruit... or even any life on Earth! 

Here's where you come in. Pollinators use nectar as food and can have trouble finding enough suitable flowers, especially in cities. There is actually a worldwide shortage of honeybees because of it!

 You can make a fuzzy little bumblebee or an elegant butterfly very happy by planting some flowers. Some favorites include lavender (which also has a wonderful scent!), bee balm, coneflower, yarrow, sunflowers, black-eyed susan, horsemint, astersweet clover, and many more.

Walk, bike, or take public transportation when you can. :)

Aside from being really expensive to maintain, being usually slower and more prone to get stuck in traffic, driving exclusively in a car has been widely & thoroughly proven as being a harmful pollutant to the environment.

The amount of toxic chemicals leeched into the environment by 40 people riding the bus is way less than if each of those 40 people drove their car. 

There are many other ways to help the environment, but I'm sure you're dying to know about the new stuff on AJ today. If you wanna add anything, feel free to comment! :)

The new items of today are sold in the sister shops of Jamaa Township, Jam Mart Clothing and Jam Mart Furniture. ^^

The Egypt set is steadily making its way into shops, so we can expect to see things like the Egyptian Pillow and Egyptian Couch hit the shelves sometime soon. Which item in the set is your favorite? :D

In other news, some word on the upcoming AJ merchandise has come, and it's all about books!

"Penguin will introduce two chapter books for ages six to 10 in summer 2017, followed by two more next season."

"We want to immerse them in the world the same as the game does."

"The titles will feature two or three digital codes per book, embedded within the narrative, which will unlock online content"

"[...] Wooky Entertainment's Style Me Up! craft and activity books,"

Here's an image of what will most likely be the craft and activity books:

The stationary set seems to include a journal, a pen, a pencil, a cute eraser in the shape of a pet pony/zebra, and a ruler. There also looks to be a coloring book next to it, with the word "collection" on it, so it may include some codes to special items. I don't recognize that giraffe's jewelry, so maybe that is a prize? :O

This is all the information out just yet on the upcoming books, but with June approaching, we have the figurines to look forward to!

Taken from Clark Stacey's Instagram page

Along with being adorable, they seem to make great cake toppers, too:

Also taken from Clark Stacey's Instagram page

There's so much to be excited about! What are you crazy about the most? :D

• • • •

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!

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  1. Those are some nice Earth Day ideas. I didn't do much to celebrate it but I did make an effort to get out of the house and not sit on electronics all day. It was quite nice outside ^^.
    The stationary set looks cute but not my taste lol. Same with the figurines.

    I'm excited for the next AJ update though XD


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