Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Offline Plaques From AJHQ!

Hey Jammers! Sorry for my lack in posting this week, I've had a ton of homework. Well... more accurately is that I've been doing my homework early rather than waiting until nighttime and rushing. All that extra time makes me go a little slower for some reason. I don't know why, but it feels like I spend the majority of the time zoning out into the wall and then BAM! It's 11 PM and my eyes hurt too much from wall-staring to use my computer.

But enough about me, let's talk about ANIMAL JAM! Animal Jam, and how AJHQ is now giving out plaques awarding you for Animal Jam-related things you do while normally not logged into Animal Jam! 

Well, if you're confused it really isn't as complicated as I try to make it sound. Scroll down and all will become clear!

Click to read OR go to the official AJ Instagram account!

You see those shiny blue things? Those are the new award plaques just released today! Or yesterday, depending on when you're reading this post. 

Here are the original plaques (that you can still earn!):

You can get the painter's palette plaque if you get your art in the Gallery, the Howl plaque if a howl you submitted got published, the film reel if Brady Barr or Tierney Thys answers your question, the camera if you get an article published on the Daily Explorer, the world if you pass the Online Safety Quiz, and the paw if you win a Jammer Snaps contest.

Here are the elusive unreleased plaques that a select few Jammers claim to have:

The castle is assumed to be a plaque you would get if you win Epic Dens, and the star is assumed to be a plaque that you get if you win a contest. Sadly, even if you do win Epic Dens or a contest, the likely scenario is that you won't receive either of these plaques. They were either released as a mistake, or were made and a few were put into the game but weren't used as awards.

All these original plaques appear to have a dark brown wood backing and a golden shape, while these newly released plaques are dark blue and metallic with ice blue shapes. They also seem to be sparkly.

So how can you earn them?

The pencil/paintbrush plaque is called the Fan Art Plaque and you can earn it if AJHQ highlights AJ fan art you post on Instagram.

The trophy/ribbon plaque is called the Community Contest Plaque and you earn it if you win a contest proposed by AJHQ on Instagram. For example, yesterday AJHQ asked people to share a screenshot of their animal wearing the Rare Item Monday on Instagram, and whoever won was featured and got the plaque.

The film camera plaque is called the Videographer Plaque and you can earn it if the Animal Jam videos you post online (usually YouTube) get noticed by AJHQ, or if you reach a milestone in views or online subscribers.

...And finally, the heart plaque! This plaque is called the Positive Player Plaque and you can earn one by being a helpful and positive influence while playing AJ, and/or on social media. You even get a second one to give to another kind player! How sweet. :)

The reason why I'm calling them "offline" plaques is because unlike the original wood plaques, these shiny new plaques award things mostly relating to social media rather than in-game achievements, specifically AJ-centric social media where the AJ community tends to circulate. For example, Animal Jam Stream!

It's interesting to see AJHQ recognize the community they've developed over the years. Not a lot of games do that, or even have such enthusiastic players to begin with!

It's also interesting to learn that AJHQ is aware of all this fan art, all these YouTube channels and blogs... AJHQ, if you're reading this, hi!!!

If you're curious, click here to look at Animal Jam's official Instagram page.

That's all for now, Jammers. I wish I had enough Positive Player plaques to give each and every one of y'all! ^_^

See you in Jamaa,


  1. Those are some cool plaques! :D I like the last one, about being a helpful Jammer. :) That's a very nice one but just thinking about it... What if people pretend to be nice just to get a plaque? o.o Hopefully people won't!

    1. I have a positive player plaque. Whats it worth?

    2. Hmm... They're the more common of the plaques, so I wouldn't guess much, sorry. D:

  2. This was very helpful, and i find it hard to believe some of these plaques are worth alot.

  3. Tfw you are desperate for the art one but you have only got DeviantART and no instagram ;-;

    Also, why hasn't Malweb got the Milestone o3o?

  4. What is the estimated number of Positive Player Plaques in Jamaa do you ppl think there is? Out of the active users, how many has it?

  5. I dont like plaaaaagues aj is updating now u cant login UUUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHH but idc (:

  6. i have a positive player plaque anyone want to trade im fashfarri

  7. I've got the videographer plaque now!


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