Saturday, April 9, 2016

Real-life AJ News + BOTM

Hey Jammers! I apologize for neglecting to update this week, as I had midterms. Additionally, my little brother has had to use this computer for homework, so I didn't really have time after midterms to use it either. :\

However, last weekend before midterms I spent quite a lot of time on Animal Jam. During that time, I redecorated my den for the millionth time!

This corner is my favorite. ^-^

I meant for it to be loosely based off of my 1st den design on AJ, hence the cat banner, indoor trees, and surplus of plushies. I'm not too big on large dens full of rares, I prefer smaller dens with an arrangement of smaller items. :)

Alrighty now, onto the news!

Over on the CEO of AJ's Instagram page come some new photos of AJ merchandise to come:

The raccoon looks a little cute to be an AJ avatar, so it must be part of the pet collection! For a second there I didn't recognize it and thought it to be unreleased, but a quick Google search proved me wrong. However, I don't believe pet raccoons are in the Diamond Shop anymore! Huh... does that mean that pets go on clearance without notice like items? 

On the other paw, the bunny in the right picture appears to be a plush animal avatar, complete with a cute little butterfly hair bow (ear bow?). I wonder if plushies will come with items like the figurines will...

One more piece of merchandise-related news: new books, trading cards, costumes, and more are coming!

From what we know about trading cards already, they may look a little like this:

Personally, I'm most excited about trading cards. We don't know much else yet about the other products-to-be!

I'm a little trepidatious about all this licensing and I really hope it doesn't turn AJ into the corporate wasteland that Club Penguin turned out to be, but it doesn't seem very likely considering how different the two games are. At least for now, let's be excited! :D

In other news, there's been some interesting stuff up on WildWorks' Twitter feed. Admittedly, I'm a little late considering that I don't have Twitter, but take a look at this!:

It's just a panel, but it looks so cool... it even has a little spinning AJ name generator in the back! My nerd senses are going haywire just looking at it. XD

For today, the AJ-related news is over. But here's some blog news you might wanna here...

• • • •

As you may have guessed in the title, the Buddy of the Month for April has been chosen! And it is...



Lostfairy has been a wonderful friend for such a long time now that I think her title as Buddy of the Month is long overdue. Lostfairy is kind and accepting, and basically radiates rainbows wherever she goes– hence the skirt on her otter.

Thank you so much for being my buddy, lostfairy! <3

In other blog-related news, I'm sure that most of you are aware that I'm long overdue for updating Berry the Koala with the second half of lostfairy's story prompt. Due to the copious amount of school work I get, I'm afraid I'll need to push it back even further, but be sure that the second installment will be complete no later than May 1st. 

I'll probably get it done before then, but that's just a deadline so you know that it will be continued! >:D

And finally, that's all for now. Thanks for reading my blog, and I'll see you in Jamaa!


  1. Wow, I just adore your den! Its got such a nice feel to it. I agree, I would rather have a den full of nice small things that work together then a den full of betas (some betas are very nice pieces though) and rare den items. Also, people always show off their spikes and I personally have a studded one but I don't wear it all the time. :)
    The toys look cute! I like how they are plushie and plastic. :) I bet lots of people will love these toys.
    Oh my goodness, that room! It. Is. Amazing!!!! I noticed the little name rolling thing too! And I love how there's wood for the wall and table with those cute yellow chairs that are random yet NOT!! XD LOVE IT! Now to get real animals in there... xP
    Aww, thank you!!! I am honored to be your friend! You seriously made my day with your words. :) Thank you!
    Oooh! More Berry stories! Looking forward for it! :D
    (And yes, you may notice that I now am not "Anonymous" and have a real account! Well, I am working on making a blog... :) )

    1. By the way, may I use your blogroll idea for my blog? :D

    2. Of course! And you made a blog??? I'm so excited to see what you'll post!!!! :D :D :D

    3. Thank you! And yes, I am in the middle of making a blog! I want it to be unique and creative but it might have some similar things to your blog and others. Thank you!!!! :D :D :D

  2. Yay! More posting, less tests! Woooo Those toys are so cute, I wish I had a billion dollars so I can get them all!!!!!!!!

  3. I love the way you decorated your den! And i also like to stick with a simple den, rather than a one filled with a ton of rares (which makes your computer lag like crazy sometimes). Since I'm a nonmember i don't have a lot of choices to make when i decorate my den anyway, which i don't think is that bad. Sure, maybe we don't get as many and as awesomely designed den items as members do, but we still get enough to make our den look nice. If i'd have the opportunities that members do when it comes to decorating i'd sit hours in front of my laptop trying to make it look the way i want it to.
    Oh and about the new merchandise, I'm really excited about it. I love the way they look, they're absolutely adorable. Sadly, i don't think they're gonna bring them in this part of Europe. Anyway, I'm convinced that they did a great job with them. They will make Animal Jam more popular for sure. As you said, I also hope that all the merchandise won't turn it into ''corporate wasteland''. I'd be horrible if it did.
    The pannel thing looks so nice! I have to admit though, i haven't seen the name generator until you mentioned it. It's way too cute!


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