Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Original Egg Hunt

Hey Jammers! The new item of today is sold in Treetop Gardens, Sarepia Forest. As you could have guessed, it's a plant!

A cactus fence! By the look of the surrounding soil, it seems like it would belong in Kimbara Outback, but I'm sure anywhere would be fine. ^_^

In other news, have any of you been to the Play Wild Party lately? Have you noticed something a little... odd with the music?

If so, you've noticed that the regular music "Winters Dance" has been replaced by the Dinner Party music, "Play Wild"!

It makes a little sense once you think about the name similarities, but it doesn't fit at all! Now, the last time I went to the Play Wild party was before the recent Thursday update, so it might have switched by then. It really seems like a glitch– it doesn't fit at all! Maybe someone got mixed up and thought that because the music had the same name as the party, that meant that they belonged together. Hmm...

• • • •

And now begins the main focus of this post...

Do any of you miss the original Spring egg hunt?

For those who weren't around from 2010-2013, the gist of the original hunt was this: you went around Jamaa looking for nests of eggs beneath clickable egg icons. There was one egg in each land, and once you clicked an icon you were given a fun fact about the kind of egg you clicked. For example, if you clicked an icon above a nest of crocodile eggs, you learned something new about baby crocodiles. 

Unlike the Spring Festival egg hunt in which you receive multiple prizes throughout the search, you only received one after you completed the original egg hunt. Personally, I liked that outcome better because I always end up recycling 98% of my prizes because A., I don't know how to fit them in my den, and B., I just obsessively recycle. Additionally, because we were only receiving one prize in the egg hunt, that often meant a higher level of quality of it, if you get what I mean. For example, here's the first prize from Egg Hunt 2010/11:

What a really nice looking prize! Each of the candies are very detailed, as well as the grass-green basket holding them. And because there's no "Easter" label on it, you could use it for so much, maybe even Night of the Phantoms! A worthy prize, don't you think?

Now, let's compare the pretty Basket of Candy to a prize you get during the Spring Festival group adventure...

A little less detailed, a little less relevant. Admittedly, my argument is kind of weak for these because these are just the nonmember prizes, and members get items much more fantastical and flowery than we nonmembers. Still, if the original egg hunt still went on, all Jammers could get an equally interesting prize. Everybody would win!

In conclusion...

Even though the Spring Festival group adventure is well-made and really fun, it just can't replace the original egg hunt in my eyes. So maybe... why not have both? The Jamaa egg hunt is small enough to go alongside the Spring Festival without overpowering it, and that way everyone could be happy! :D

What are your opinions?


  1. Wasn't their an egg hunt in 2014?

    1. There was? Oh, I forgot, sorry! Thanks for telling me. ^^;

  2. Non-Members who REALLY want to be members always think "It's not fair that we have the bad items and members have all the good items". If they then become members, they don't care anymore.


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