Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pixel Invasion, Paperclip Items, Leaving Items, and Unreleased Items!

Hey Jammers! Kimberley082AJ here with another post. The last day of school for me was yesterday thankfully, so now I have way more time on my hands to keep you guys updated on News in Jamaa. There's been quite a lot happening in Jamaa lately so let's start off with the Pixel Invasion!
Great items to make a Pixelated Den!
The last 2 items are Framed Medals and a Track Hurdle 
Those are a lot of Pixelated items don't you think? What other Pixelated items would you like to see in Jamaa?

In Jam Mart Clothing there has been new items, Paper-clipped themed items to be exact.
These bring back so many memories!
Those two items are the Paper clip bracelet and necklace! Will AJ start bringing a whole bunch of Paper-clipped themed items now?

Now we have items that will soon leave Jamaa. Get them before they leave and NEVER COME BACK!!!!! (too dramatic, I know) They could come back, because nowadays AJ is bringing back many items.
So cute, too cute, I just can't!
The otter claw will soon be leaving Jamaa, I recommend you get this because people will want otter plushies, they're so cute!

Two other leaving items are salon related items, The Crazy Wigs and the Salon Pump Chair.
Would any of you get a hairstyle like that? 
Finally we have the last section of this post which are Unreleased Items that I found in AJHQ'S Pixel Den.
Gimme Gimme that Piggy!
Aww! Looks kinda scary..
An Alpha Statue, Ooooo
Those are about all the Unreleased Items in AJHQ's Pixel Den, I want all of those! Which of these items would you like to see in stores? I think I would like the seal plushie, it's too cute to resist! Anyways that's it Jammers have a great day! Bye!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

See ya later!

Hey Jammers! DoomyPanda here. If you don't already know, tomorrow morning (June 26th) is the day I will be going camping for two weeks! I've been busy packing bags, so I apologize for not posting lately.

I'm going to be back posting either Saturday, July 9th, or Sunday, July 10th. It all depends on how tired I am. XD

During my absence, the plan is that AJ Stream's other authors will be posting instead. Posting may not be daily, though, depending on how busy they will be.

Until we meet again, Jammers. Jam on!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Letter From the Alphas

Hey Jammers! It's DoomyPanda in tha house, bringing you all the latest news straight from Jamaa! :D

Before we get straight into the Jamaa Journal, here's something that may or may not be new:

I remember hearing about security checks a while ago, but this is the first time I got one. Huh.

Alright guys, I present you with Jamaa Journal, volume 175!

Spiked Collars are on sale for all! All members, to be exact. 

If you're concerned about Spiked Collars losing trading value because of a re-release, don't be! These are a different kind:

These will be on sale at the Diamond Shop today through Sunday.

How interesting! The theme of pixelated items lead up to an entire den! I wonder if things like this will happen more often. Keep your eyes out...

This reminds me of a computer game I just started playing called Stardew Valley. It's an adorably pixelated farming game, but there's so much more interesting content than just that. I recommend it to everyone reading this. B)

Another weekly diamond sale, this time on the wonderful pet penguins, 2 diamonds each! 

July is also coming up soon, so start looking forward to the Freedom Party.

This beautiful room will soon become your new favorite, I promise. It's already my favorite! :D

Cami is the girl who does Wild Explorers. It didn't show up very well in the picture, but if you look at the very top right corner, there is a Cami's Frog reclining on the top of the small habitat.

Some news re-announcing some nice new Art Studio features...

A new animal is coming to Jamaa with the Alphas latest expedition! Here are the hints that came from their letter:

1. They're nocturnal, which means they only come out at night.
2. They have long legs.
3. They live in trees!

Wow, this is actually pretty difficult. Maybe a kind of nocturnal tree frog? Hmm, can't be right... They'd be too small...

Maybe a tarsier? They're nocturnal and live in trees, and seem to have kind-of long legs, but they're not very noticeable. Fun fact: tarsiers sing, and sometimes sing duets together!

Wait a second, do any of you remember the last animal poll? 

Sloths live in trees and have fairly long legs, not as noticeable, of course. The AJ sloth above has three toes, but two-toed sloths are nocturnal. 

The sloth remains a likely possibility!

What do y'all think?

The last page of the Jamaa Journal is an advertisement, so I'll skip it. :)

Tomorrow, if I have enough time, I'll work on that sidebar I promised.

Until then, see you in Jamaa!

~ DoomyPanda

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tons of Toys (and code prizes!)

Hey Jammers! It's DoomyPanda here with my first real daily post of the summer. 

Today, it's all about toys!

These are all the new AJ toys on the Walmart website released this month. Their release is old news by now, but you guys may not be aware of the cool in-game prizes you can get from 'em!

You can get things like gems and diamonds from codes that come with each toy, but I wonder if you've heard about the cool items that come with toys that glow under blacklight...

(The following images are credited to this YouTube video)

All these toys can be identified by the "Light-up Ring: Secret patterns appear!" sticker.

From the code provided within the Lucky Lynx blacklight toy, you can receive this pretty ring:

It's animated!

Within the other blacklight toy packages, you can find codes for other kinds of lovely rings.

From this "sparkle tiger" blacklight toy, you can receive...

A wonderful Light Up Swirl Ring! 

I believe it is also important to note that all of these items are nonmember. Hooray!

This "twinkle panda" allows you access to...

...a flowery Light Up Flower Ring!

Last but not least, the "magic horse" gifts you with...

...a perfectly pretty Horseshoe Ring!

These aren't the only items you can receive from toys. A variety of different "unreleased" items have been spotted in Jamaa as of late that are theorized to come from toy codes. For instance, the Windjammer Hat:

However, that's not all! Here are some more:

Image credit to @dark_the_fox
Image credit to @cacophony_aj

Here are some toys that are likely matches:





(Here's a helpful video.)

I'm loving how the IRL plushies translate into the game through the provided codes. X)

If you're curious about the codes used to get these in-game prizes, I'm fairly certain that each one that comes with each piece of merchandise is unique, like a membership code.

I don't know if I'll get any of these toys myself because I already have so many stuffed animals, but those online prizes are definitely adorable! I especially love the rock n' roll panda with the purple star pattern. Maybe I'll get one for furryfruit73... but don't tell her! :P

Next up on my to-do list for updates is to make a new sidebar widget showing all my wonderful authors...

Until then, see you in Jamaa!

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