Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pixel Invasion, Paperclip Items, Leaving Items, and Unreleased Items!

Hey Jammers! Kimberley082AJ here with another post. The last day of school for me was yesterday thankfully, so now I have way more time on my hands to keep you guys updated on News in Jamaa. There's been quite a lot happening in Jamaa lately so let's start off with the Pixel Invasion!
Great items to make a Pixelated Den!
The last 2 items are Framed Medals and a Track Hurdle 
Those are a lot of Pixelated items don't you think? What other Pixelated items would you like to see in Jamaa?

In Jam Mart Clothing there has been new items, Paper-clipped themed items to be exact.
These bring back so many memories!
Those two items are the Paper clip bracelet and necklace! Will AJ start bringing a whole bunch of Paper-clipped themed items now?

Now we have items that will soon leave Jamaa. Get them before they leave and NEVER COME BACK!!!!! (too dramatic, I know) They could come back, because nowadays AJ is bringing back many items.
So cute, too cute, I just can't!
The otter claw will soon be leaving Jamaa, I recommend you get this because people will want otter plushies, they're so cute!

Two other leaving items are salon related items, The Crazy Wigs and the Salon Pump Chair.
Would any of you get a hairstyle like that? 
Finally we have the last section of this post which are Unreleased Items that I found in AJHQ'S Pixel Den.
Gimme Gimme that Piggy!
Aww! Looks kinda scary..
An Alpha Statue, Ooooo
Those are about all the Unreleased Items in AJHQ's Pixel Den, I want all of those! Which of these items would you like to see in stores? I think I would like the seal plushie, it's too cute to resist! Anyways that's it Jammers have a great day! Bye!


  1. XD That hair IS pretty wild! I would not want to have blue hair with 2 funny pigtails on top and red bows. No thank you. XD

  2. What's the deal with the paperclip items? I sometimes (all the time actually) wonder how AJHQ gets their ideas..

  3. What is the windjammer hat worth? Or do you know?

    1. And, sorry. I must have commented this under the wrong post by accident.


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