Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tons of Toys (and code prizes!)

Hey Jammers! It's DoomyPanda here with my first real daily post of the summer. 

Today, it's all about toys!

These are all the new AJ toys on the Walmart website released this month. Their release is old news by now, but you guys may not be aware of the cool in-game prizes you can get from 'em!

You can get things like gems and diamonds from codes that come with each toy, but I wonder if you've heard about the cool items that come with toys that glow under blacklight...

(The following images are credited to this YouTube video)

All these toys can be identified by the "Light-up Ring: Secret patterns appear!" sticker.

From the code provided within the Lucky Lynx blacklight toy, you can receive this pretty ring:

It's animated!

Within the other blacklight toy packages, you can find codes for other kinds of lovely rings.

From this "sparkle tiger" blacklight toy, you can receive...

A wonderful Light Up Swirl Ring! 

I believe it is also important to note that all of these items are nonmember. Hooray!

This "twinkle panda" allows you access to...

...a flowery Light Up Flower Ring!

Last but not least, the "magic horse" gifts you with...

...a perfectly pretty Horseshoe Ring!

These aren't the only items you can receive from toys. A variety of different "unreleased" items have been spotted in Jamaa as of late that are theorized to come from toy codes. For instance, the Windjammer Hat:

However, that's not all! Here are some more:

Image credit to @dark_the_fox
Image credit to @cacophony_aj

Here are some toys that are likely matches:





(Here's a helpful video.)

I'm loving how the IRL plushies translate into the game through the provided codes. X)

If you're curious about the codes used to get these in-game prizes, I'm fairly certain that each one that comes with each piece of merchandise is unique, like a membership code.

I don't know if I'll get any of these toys myself because I already have so many stuffed animals, but those online prizes are definitely adorable! I especially love the rock n' roll panda with the purple star pattern. Maybe I'll get one for furryfruit73... but don't tell her! :P

Next up on my to-do list for updates is to make a new sidebar widget showing all my wonderful authors...

Until then, see you in Jamaa!


  1. Wow, all these toys look amazing! :o I will only get toys probably in August. Oh well! I can wait. ^-^ I love all the code prizes!! I want all of them except that I have no more space in clothing and in den items. D: XD I. Need. More. Space!!

  2. I love how I can post 5 times without a single comment but, Doomy can post once and have so many . XD Keep up the good work Dommy, welcome back!

  3. These toys for animal jam are so awesome and cool i hope i can get one

  4. These toys for animal jam are so awesome and cool i hope i can get one

  5. I just got the twinkle panda set and the funky monkey plushie. Yay!

  6. Promos should be harder to get, so they're more rarer. I think out of all those the lynx is the cutest ^-^ Thumbs up


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