Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back on Track (rant) + AJ Tag

Hey Jammers! It's me, Doomy. No, I'm not dead. Just lazy.

I've been lazy and a little overwhelmed as of late, and of course that combo results in nothing but zero productivity.

I've titled this post "back on track", but I really can't say that for certain. I'm now going to at least try to post everyday from today. Pretty weak promise, I know. 

I love AJ and I love AJ blogging, don't get me wrong. I really wanna provide you with interesting and relevant content every day I possibly can! It's just so hard.

I have a little announcement regarding this blog, or rather my sideblog, Berry the Koala. I don't think I can manage a consistent updating schedule with it. I spend whole days working on drafts while I'd rather be going outside, and then when I finally upload it no one seems to notice. Plushie blogs aren't that popular anymore, and I don't really like writing up new entries as much as I used to. 

This is partially because I've tried to make the stories more complicated than they used to be. They used to be only a few sentences, like "berry goes 2 tha store. he buys grapes." and then a screenshot of Berry in a den with an item arrangement made to look like a store. When I started making the stories have actual plots was when I started posting less. 

It was too much work, and all along the way it felt weird. Why am I trying to make up a complicated story line for a pixelated koala plushie? Do people think this is weird? Maybe that's why Berry the Koala got less and less popular.

Anyways, I may or may not continue Berry the Koala. At the beginning of writing this post, I thought I'd give it up altogether. Now, I think continuing it in a simpler format is also a possibility. I don't know if that would be more entertaining or less entertaining.

ANYWAY! Rant over. 

Now, I don't have any real AJ news, but over on a blog called Animal Jam Jumble, my pal lostfairy recently mentioned me in an AJ tag. 

From what I know, tags are a social media thing that give people the opportunity to talk about themselves. You probably know more than me. :0

Q #1: How many buddies do you have (including IRL)?

80-something on AJ, many have already quit and I just keep them in my list in case they ever return. In real life, I have around 7 friends.

Q #2: What is your main look?

Right now, just a blue necklace because that was my first AJ item. 

Q #3: Were you ever included in some bad drama?

Nah. I don't take people seriously when they say mean things over the internet.

Q #4: What computer are you using right now?

Some kinda desktop computer. 

Q #5: Who is your favorite blogger?


JK, I don't think I have a favorite. I think anyone who stayed with writing an AJ blog while everyone else switched over to YouTube is pretty admirable.

Q #6: How many rares do you have?

pfffffft NONE

Q #7: How much do you care about rares?

Barely. I acknowledge them, but I really couldn't care less.

Q #8: Would you get hacked of all your items or quit AJ?

I doubt anyone would want my mountains of unrare, untradeable garbage so I think I'd rather have some fool get access to my account and have to deal with it than leave AJ.

Jamaa makes me way too happy to even think about quitting! If you take out the boring fighting-over-items mentality it brings on, you'll find a beautiful game about making friends and protecting the environment.

Q #9: In all your years of playing AJ, who is the meanest Jammer?

I think the meanest kind of Jammer is one who takes advantage of younger players by tricking them into giving them things or just outright treating them like trash. 

Q #10: What is a feature you want to come back?

Clickable fun facts! They were just small floating buttons you could click to learn cool facts about nature. They were pretty unobtrusive, but for some reason they were removed around late 2012. 

This screenshot is from before Tierney's Aquarium showed up, when the Pet Wash was right next to the water. The yellow pawprint button had a fact about a swimming world record, I think. There was another one near the waterslides about sand dollars.

All in all, it was a total loss that these fun facts were removed. What, did AJHQ think that AJ was too educational to be popular among kids?

If that's the case, now is a perfect time to bring these fun facts back to balance out all the mindless fun stuff that's come since 2012. C'mon, AJ's only growing in popularity. It couldn't hurt to bring back some tiny buttons.

That's it for the AJ tag. I tag... Animal Jam Stream's secret author, furryfruit73! ;D

See you in Jamaa, and I'll try to post tomorrow too! 
  ( )  ( )

~ DoomyPanda

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