Friday, August 26, 2016

Ladybugs Cost $86!?!?

Hey Jammers! DoomyPanda here, with some BREAKING NEWS. Not really, but it's still quite a shocker.

You're probably all aware of the new pet ladybugs, right?

They're pretty adorable. Clinging to the Animal Jam logo, dancing around Jamaa Township... at this point, ladybugs are the official mascot of AJ. Besides being cute, that's a big part of why I wanted one so bad.

So, I looked up the steps necessary to get my hands on one. Being a promotional code pet, you have to purchase something off of Animal Jam's toy line to receive one of these red-and-black-spotted bugs. Then, you type in the code provided, and voila! Ladybug.

However, there's normally a certain kind of toy you have to purchase to get a certain code pet. No biggie, let's just see what–



THAT'S $2.88 EACH.



On the flip side, you can just go find a real ladybug for free. In fact, last night I was just sitting in my room and a ladybug crawled up my leg. It's not even the season for ladybugs, and yet against all odds one just made their way to me at my convenience and didn't cost me a cent.

Of course, that $86.40 will also get you a few other virtual critters and 30 plastic pet houses but I doubt anyone would need all of them, let alone have time to play with them. No offense if you think you do, but that sounds pretty ridiculous. 

I haven't bought any of the new AJ merchandise. Despite my love for the game, the only merchandise I have is the beat-up Liza mousepad I'm using right now. I'm okay with that. 

In conclusion, if you really want a ladybug just like me, my suggestion is to trade for it using the new pet-trading option that I have neglected until this day. I think it's in your best interest to trade virtual stuff for virtual stuff rather than real stuff for virtual stuff.

Before I go, I am going away for a few days tomorrow so I will not be posting. However, I think you can expect new posts from AJ Stream's wonderful co-authors while I am away. :)

See you in Jamaa!


  1. Wow... $86.00 for a virtual ladybug? That's insane!! I've kinda stopped buying the new AJ toys and saving up my money for things that I will actually use. :p

  2. I have the ladybug pet, and someone traded a LONG BLACK SPIKE WRISTBAND for one! I was anstonished! If you Gus want to trade for one, I can make one for you.

    Veterinariann (not logged in)

    1. Thank you so much for the offer! Sadly, I've been told the ladybug pet is a one-time-only thing, meaning you can't make more than one per code.

  3. *reads half* Oh, $2.88 isn't so bad. *Reads whole thing* Wait- 86 DOLLARS? AJ DO YOU REALLY EXPECT PARENTS TO BUY THEIR KIDS 30 AJ TOYS, FOR FLIPPING $86 TOTAL??? HAS AJ GONE INSANE??? Well, on the bright side maybe since they cost so much I can actually get good items rather then noob items or troll trades XD, 'cause that's all I've been getting. Say, anyone here wanna trade for it? I'm not looking for a long or anything, maybe a neon bow? Lol, ok I'm sorry I just really want a neon bow haha. But I'm pretty much looking to get rid of it because the pet is boring to me, but at the same time I wanna get rare enough for my dream item (glitch ring) Anyway, sorry for blubbering about this, my user is sweetcupcakesss (Yeah I know user is kinda stupid, I was younger when I made it ok? xD)


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