Thursday, August 11, 2016

New Set of Den Items? Best Known Item is Leaving AJ?

 Good Afternoon/Morning/ Evening or whenever you may reading this! Todays post is going to include a lot of things and hopefully you read all of it :) But to start off we are going to bring in some items which may or may not be the new set of den items...?
Arrrrrazing! I tried.
These items are called "The Pirate Ship Couch" and "The Crow's Nest Table". They can be found and purchased in Jam Mart Furniture.  Will this be the latest Den Set?

Now we have an item from the Diamond Shop...
Look at this Hyena Claw! I never knew there would be such a thing, but I guess there is! I haven't seen how the plushies look though, have you guys seen the Hyena Plushies?

This is the Aquarium and can be bought at Epic Wonders. This is a very unique item!

Now onto the items that will be leaving us shortly...

Wowwww, AJ  this is cruelty. This item is a very precious item, but AJ has made the decision to take it away from us, but I mean you have 5 days to fill your dens with Wavy Bookshelves!!!

If any of you enjoy vicious plants on your heads then make sure to buy this Chomper plant in Jam Mart Clothing!

This is the Mad Scientist hair which is in Jam Mart clothing and it will be leaving in 4 days. That looks more like a creature that can walk, do you guys see it too? Weird...

That is all for this post Jamaalians! I'll cya later gators!!



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