Thursday, August 25, 2016

Nonmember Trading Stand

Hey Jammers! DoomyPanda, the one-and-only here. X)

Yesterday I was on AJ for a bit longer than usual yesterday. During that time, I thought of an idea for an interesting item: a trading stand!

Because it doesn't exist in the game, I thought I might try to build it with some items I had laying around:

Since some items just wouldn't go in front of each other, it's admittedly a little simple. I guess this is the "build-your-own" version. 

If you're interesting in making it, here are the items involved:

3 Tiki Torches – Jam Mart Furniture
1 Mat – Jam Mart Furniture
1 Bamboo MatYou'll need to trade for this
1 (or more) Rectangular Coffee TableYou'll need to trade for this
1 Carnival Flags – Summer Carnival

Aaaaaand, you can display any items you want here! The ones I chose were the Large Globe and the Bongos.

If this were an item, it would have the same kinda layout as the version I built, only there would be some make-shift tent walls on the back and on the side behind the table. It would also be cool if there was an overhang up above kinda like the Dig Site Canopy item:

All in all, it would be a tent with a table big enough to hold a few items a person is looking to trade, as well as an area under the tent that person could stand so their name-tag was visible to click.

It would be cool if this item was nonmember, too! In fact, I think I'd really only like the item if it was. Otherwise, why bother? There's such a lack of cool nonmember items! XD

Before I wrap up, I'd also like to show you a nonmember den idea my friend Balaur built:

It's a pet house! It's all nonmember, and consists of:

3 Bamboo FencesYou'll need to trade for these
(Optional) 1 Woven Shoji ScreenYou'll need to trade for this
1 Sturdy Table – You probably have one of these already XD
2 Green Painted PotsYou'll need to trade for these
1 Sir Gilbert's Banner – You can win this in The Hidden Falls
2 Lucky CloversYou'll need to trade for these
1 Mat – Jam Mart Clothing
1 Pet Plushie (any) – Summer Carnival
...And of course, a pet of your choice. C:

That's all for now, Jammers. I will leave you with this interesting fact: the gong that was in Jamaa Township in 2011 is still visible on the map!

Isn't that cool?

See you in Jamaa! <3


  1. Woah, this would make a great item! Nice ideas Doomy ^^. You should send these to AJHQ.

  2. Awesome ideas doomypanda and i liked the pet house too

  3. I am a member but I mean, I would still want to buy these items! Well I would need 13,14,15, or 16 pet houses because I have alot of pets.. In less they can fit two pets.. Meh.. But still! I really like both ideas, and the trading post would be easier to do a store or yard sale :D -minigirl121

  4. 1 mat-Jam Mart CLOTHING wow... You can place clothing in dens?!


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