Monday, August 1, 2016

RIM, New Items and Leaving Items.

  Hello Jammers! I hope you're having a great start to your day :D Todays post is going to be fairly long, so stick with me till' the end! First and for most, I literally just logged on and this decided to grab my attention...

I seriously do NOT know what I did to deserve this but, if any of you guys wanna talk to me in a very formal and serious way then Kimberley082 is at your service.

Anyways, time to get onto the news that Jamaa brings onto their fellow Jamaalians. First off we have the RIM, It's not the best but the colors are pretty, I present to you the Rare Drum!!

Oooooo, Aaaaaaaaah
 Now lets get to the new items that have been waiting for our opinions on them.

Get Yo Piess
Here we have another addition to our cafe set, the Cafe Pie Display :))

Llalaallalalallallaaaaa (Idk)
We have here the Cafe Hostess Stand, Cafe Neon Sign, and the Cafe Lamp. I think this is the last bit to the set, not 100% positive but maybe 75% positive.

Now onto the "Returning New Items"...

The Big Skull and "Cool Hair" have decided to return to Jamaa , welcome back!! I'm going to be 100% honest with you guys but the "Cool hair" isn't cool, maybe in the 80's? But I mean whatever floats your boat AJ!

Finally, we'll be saying goodbye to the following items...

The Tall Tiki table will be leaving us in 6 days, and the Barber Shop Pole will be leaving in 5 days. I don't have much to say for these items, goodbye I guess?

Get this Graduation Cap or else you will not be graduated and then you're gonna be in Jamaa School for WAY longer, and then your summer will be WAY shorter. Speaking of which, when do you guys start school? I start September 6th.,, I think.

PEOPLE, PEOPLE GET THESE CAMOUFLAGE BOOTS OR ELSE YOU CAN'T CAMOUFLAGE ANYMORE. I'm serious, 3 days left for these boots and they'll be greatly missed :(

This is the LAST DAY to get arm cuffs, if you guys enjoy your arms being cuffed then get these lovely things!

I think that covers this post, I hope you guys have A GREAT DAY, stay positive Jammers! Bye!



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