Sunday, August 21, 2016

What I Learned about Art Contests

Yeehaw, 2nd post in a row!!! DoomyPanda here, and after unstable posting for so long, I think I finally may be back up to speed.

For today's post, I'm gonna be talking about Diamond Contests, specifically art contests. One going on right now is the "Create your own JAG" contest:

I participated in this Diamond Challenge yesterday and I am so insanely proud of my entry, but I think I'll post it later today once the deadline for submissions closes. That's at around 11 PM EST, I think. If you're curious about entering, you should start soon! 

However, keep reading for some important things I learned while submitting my entry.

When I first saw the Daily Explorer post detailing the rules, they went the way they usually do: 

•  Paint a picture in the Art Studio

• Save it using the built-in SAVE button.

• Submit it to Jammer Central, titling it "CREATE YOUR OWN JAG". 

I'm not that comfortable drawing with a mouse, but it was implied you had to use the Art Studio, so I did. Once I was finished, I clicked the SAVE button.

This downloaded a file onto my computer. It wasn't an image, just a file thingy. I couldn't open it on my computer, but when I selected it after clicking the LOAD button, my drawing opened right up in the Art Studio. The downloaded file seemed to be useful only there.

As the instructions said to upload my drawing to Jammer Central, I went there and clicked 'Submit Your Work'. However, when I tried to select the downloaded file to upload, it wouldn't let me because it wasn't an image. You can only upload images to Jammer Central.

Being confused, I looked at the comments on the original Daily Explorer post and found that other Jammers had those issues. However, someone from AJHQ thankfully answered almost every question. 

Apparently, the rules aren't as rigid as they seemed. Here's what I learned from AJHQ:

–  You don't have to use the Art Studio. You can use Photoshop, MS Paint, draw with paper, or anything else! You just have to save it as a .PNG or .JPG on your computer.

–  You can submit screenshots of your drawing.

AJHQ told us that you can open the downloaded file to find your artwork as an image, but for some reason my computer couldn't. Because of that, I submitted a screenshot, which was apparently OK. :)

Later on, they updated the rules:

They took out the part about the Art Studio, so it doesn't sound like you can only use the Art Studio.

It's cool how AJHQ takes kids' feedback into consideration. It's clear that they really care. Despite the fact that people like me asked the same questions over and over again, they're always so nice. (>^-^)>

That's all for now, Jammers. See you in Jamaa!


  1. To be honest, it is pretty hard to find an active blog nowadays....

    1. It sadly isn't mainstream anymore for AJ, but there are still some hidden gems. I'm gonna try and update AJ Stream's blogroll so that only active blogs are there to make your searching a little easier. :)


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