Friday, September 9, 2016

Happy 6th Birthday to Animal Jam!

Well... It's been six years. Six years of Animal Jam. 

One of my favorite older Jam-a-Grams

A little bit more than six years, actually. Whereas Animal Jam went public six years ago today, beta testing went on for a little more than a month before then. AJ has been so rewarding that a few beta testers have even hung on 'til today! That's practically growing up with Animal Jam. 

I joined in early 2012 so I haven't been playing this game as long as others, but it's still a big part of my life. That can sound a little sad to a lot of people, "It's just a game!" would be the response I'd imagine. That's true, it is just a game. It's true that internet games can get unhealthy if you play them too long, mentally and physically. Moderation is important, even if you're having fun! 

Personally, I don't think I've wasted any time. For me, Animal Jam is like walking through art that people created. People did draw the snowy peaks of Mt. Shiveer, the shady trees of Sarepia Forest, and the animal characters you create and play as. When I think of Animal Jam, I think of how beautiful it is. 

Jamaa makes me so incredibly happy, I just have to share that joy with you on this lil' blog. 

Anyway, you're probably aware of the AJHQ tradition of the annual AJ BDAY cake. For example, in 2016 if you use the code AJBDAY6 then you will receive a unique cake item! 

Many people haven't been around since AJ's 1st birthday, and even if you have, you might be happy to remember how all the cakes looked and how they've changed over the years.

1st Birthday

If you clicked the top candle, the whole thing would burst into flames. Yay! 

2nd Birthday

If you click one of the little dollops of frosting on the bottom layer, the whole cake would burst into FLAMES and CONFETTI!!! YAY!

3rd Birthday

I believe if you clicked the tent, a little penguin would slide down Mt. Shiveer. Wheee!

4th Birthday

This cake had many different forms. If you double click the right phantom, they eat the cake!

5th Birthday

This was also a cake that appeared small and boring, but once clicked enough it turned into a beautiful chocolate Mira! This cake told a story: when you first started clicking, the cake was toxic purple and covered in phantoms, but in the end Mira vanquished them. 

Fun fact: did you know in the AJ myths, the phantoms were created by Mira's tears? 

And last but not least, the 6th birthday cake:

It seems a bit chunky and mismatched, but that's not always bad. It has a glowing Mira at the top, kinda like the 5th cake.

Which cake is your favorite so far? I like the 1st cake because it's simple but it has a nice color scheme that reminds me of the forest. Also, flames. 

Thank you so much for 6 wonderful years, Animal Jam! We all can't thank you enough! :D

I've missed the Animal Jam Birthday Party tonight, so I'll go online and check it out tomorrow. 

To close off this post, I'll do what I did during the first AJ BDAY I experienced back in 2012, which really wasn't all that long ago. And even when it does technically become "long ago", the things from then–– any time you look back on, really ––are right where you left them. Time is just a concept. So, the good times never really leave you. :)

Sorry for being corny. ^_^;

Happy Birthday, Animal Jam!


  1. Oh wow. I can't believe you still post on here, Doomy! Oh my goodness, it has been ever so long. I hope you're doing well. Man, your Blog brings me back to the good old days...


    1. I'm doing great, thank you!!! I still love AJ, still love AJ blogging. :D

      Your comments have always been so wonderful, and I got so excited when I saw that you commented again after so long! If you're still playing AJ, I sent u a Jam-a-gram. ^_^

  2. Hey Doomy can we be buddies?

  3. Whoa, I just found out that this blog is over 4 years old, nice job! Anyhow, I like the phantom birthday cake the best, but I never figured out how to make the phantoms gobble it up and stuff...


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