Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Cautionary Tale of Zero

Hey Jammers! I've been having around 4 hours of homework every night, so it's really hard to be awake enough after finishing it to post here. Thankfully, I managed to finish all my weekend homework on Friday so I don't have to worry about that anymore! Yay!

It's just really hard to post every day over the school year, even during vacation. This may come as a surprise, but I don't like being on the computer every single day. I like reading and drawing and stuff.

Still, I'm trying to post at least four days a week, minimum. I just get so tired of sitting at a computer that it's hard to reach that goal...


Here are some new items:

I dunno... not too wild about these items. The grocery bags change style if you change the colors, though, which is sort of fun.

Remember to use reusable grocery bags. It's that simple to help keep plastic bags out of landfills.

And now onto the bulk of this post. I'm going to do my best to explain.

From Julian2AJ's video
How it looks today.

You may already be aware of this, as it's gained some popularity because some well-known blogs and Youtube channels have brought it to light. 

For once, this is an Animal Jam thing that appeared more interesting than some random hacker, although some hacking or cheats were thought to be involved.

It goes like this:

A lot of seemingly random one-word usernames have the same koala look. A few have Head Feathers and one has a silver ring. Animal names vary.

These are all the ones I've found. There may be more. Some Jammers thought the usernames put together in a certain order may have made a kind of code. 

As you can see, all of these user's dens are unlocked. Within almost every den is a den portal. Those portals lead to a den owned by someone by the name of Zero

The idea of cheating and hacking came in when Jammers tried to search for Zero. Nothing will come up. In their den, you can't click their name at the top right corner of the screen. You can't view their player card.

The "Zero puzzle" was popularized in a recent YouTube video by a Jammer named Julian2AJ. In the video, Zero's den looked like this:

A normal den, but a pretty one. Beautiful nature-y items made it look like a sweet Spring day every day. But that koala plushie by the grave stone... It looks like a memorial. 

At first, someone on social media came forward and said that Zero was a friend's friend who passed away, so this den turned into a memorial. It seemed like a good explanation at the time.

However, multiple people in the YouTube comments of Julian2AJ's video came forward and said that Zero was a YouTuber currently named Legendary AJ. They had the account "Zero" which got banned forever, explaining why you can't search Zero or view their player card. However, since the video was made, the den has been edited:

The edit implies that this Zero is still active, not banned forever, but most likely Zero was Legendary AJ. They made a video about it explaining that they got banned because they made a bad decision and one of their "friends" messed around on their account.

The koala on the grave stone was a way of saying goodbye to that account's friends and items before they got banned. 

In light of the Zero fiasco, Legendary AJ was not pleased:

"I am so exhausted and stressed because of the rumors I've heard. Please do not believe them." – Legendary AJ

I'm of the firm belief that Zero was indeed Legendary AJ. If she was trying to fake it, she'd want attention. She has given evidence and is telling us straight up that she doesn't want people dwelling on this.

I still don't know how Zero's den got edited if it's banned forever, but I'm sure it isn't as spooky as some people think. Nothing scary is going on!

I guess I just want to ask of you to respect Legendary AJ's wishes and don't try to spook-ify her unfortunate story anymore. 

This whole thing came about because someone Legendary thought was her "friend" lied to her to gain access to her account. Legendary AJ and one of her buddies were really into glitches, and her buddy said that he wanted to teach her a new one. It involved giving away personal information. She didn't know the dangers of it, and followed through, which cost her her whole account.

In the end, this is a cautionary tale about trust. If there's a situation on AJ that involves you giving away just a bit of personal information, be it Skype or password or anything, abort mission! Jump off the wagon! It isn't worth it.

Moral of the story: Never underestimate how far people will go to get items, even if they're on your buddy list.

That's all for now, Jammers. Stay safe!


  1. I don't think Zero was banned. I believe she said she was hacked and lost everything she had so she put the gravestone there and decided to start fresh on her Legendary AJ account, correct me if I'm wrong!

    1. Huh. I swear I heard that she was banned, but maybe I'm wrong. Thanks for telling me this!

    2. Zero was unfortunately banned as some video states it idk what the video was but zero goty banned when the friend hacked it the friends name i forgot sadly but it was pretty sad as they were a pretty rare jammer

  2. Loaf the story You really helped! I Will follow you now XD

    1. Sorry for the (very) late response, but thank you! Wishing you a late welcome to AJ Stream :D

    2. Well, this isnt actually completely true. Legendary's account Zero got hacked by a big hacker named Zerv, who is not banned, and still active. Please read this that i posted, and you'll know.

  3. But if she was banned, how was the den edited?

    1. The account items couldn't of been deleted, then the kola and grave would be gone too...

    2. I'm confused about it too, but it's the most likely situation.

    3. The items disapeared one day because they were gifted to me.

  4. I can't believe this! You know how the gravestone and the koala plush was there, right? I went to Zero's den today to solve the mystery of it, but when I got there....THERE WAS NO GRAVESTONE OR KOALA PLUSH!!! It was really weird. Just an empty den...

  5. the hacker must be who hacked my usre sadsadbunny!
    btw!!! the hacker is not a boy! its a girl!!!!!!!

  6. oops i said the word about ur usre taken it didnt say it before so.... should i worry??


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